Arbitrator Rosemary Townley

Arbitrator Rosemary Townley

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Published: 04 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Arbitrator Rosemary Townley, who represents herself as “neutral” but I feel is far from it. In my opinion, she works hard to market herself appaer as an “accomplished” and competent arbitrator. According to her bio, she has not worked in the private sector in thirty years and has no appreciation in my opinion for what an average employee endures with their employer. She has no empathy for individual employees I believe because they are not going to be in arbitraiton again- only the big companies will, when they arbitrate against the next employee victim. The employer- not the employee- pays for the arbitration. Corporations have arbitration clauses in their agreements- and this arbitrator knows where her “bread is buttered”….. companies often take their employees to arbitration because it is allegedly confidential and employees can’t have the opportunity to make public the horrifc practices of their employers. Arbitrator Townley I believe takes full advantage of that. She has awarded in my opionin ridiculously high amounts of money to employers so that they get their money’s worth when they arbitrate against their employees. If an employer doesn’t benefit from arbitration- why would those clauses even be in employee agreements? It feels like Arbitrator Townley is above the law. She enjoys the immunity of a Judge, even though she is not one, and it is virtually impossible to overturn her unless you can prove fraud- but she has been in the business a long time, and she knows the system and how to work it to her advantage. It is my belief that she is out to line her own pockets. In my opinion, Arbirator Townley is extremely incompetent and she should not be an arbitrator. She failed in my opinion to reveal SIGNIFICANT conlficts of interest in my case. What sickens me is if I had decided to appeal my case- I would have been remanded back to Arbitration, so Arbitrator Townley makes money for the American Arbitration Association once again. She gets her fees from the corporation- so even if an individual can’t pay her insanely high awards against them and can’t afford to appeal to court or are forced into bankruptcy- the arbiration customarily gets paid by the big companies, regardless. In my case I did not believe that she got the law right or even understood my case. She had no knowledge but I believe she twisted the facts to fit her biased and self serving opinion, as far as I could tell from my lawyer. She already knows in my opinion who she is siding with before your arbitration begins. If you partake in an arbitration and you are an individual and not a company- be cautiiuos in selecting Arbitrator Townley. By the way- there is actually a photo of her online holding a knife at a conference. She was thinking she was being funny I am sure- just think about that proverbial knife in your back.

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