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Published: 15 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Bought brand new car off showroom floor, drove through their car was and car was damaged. On Feb 4, 2008 I had just purchased a 2008 Honda Civic EXL off the showroom floor with 27 miles on it and ran it through their car wash. After it happened I explained the car didn’t even have one tank of gas worth of miles on the odometer and the only place it had been parked or driven to was in fact their car wash. The car was brand new, without a scratch on it. I know this for a fact because I was showing the car to a friend and we walked around it many times at every possible angle; there were no damages or scratches at that time. The next place I drove to was Arbor Car Wash. After a lengthy conversation with the manager, he explained the owner was out of town but he would make things right. I got a quote from the dealership on Feb 5 2008 for the disputed amount. The manager told me that he could not authorize a check for that amount, but would be able to give me that amount in washes/wax/oil changes. However, after I waited several days for the manager to return he wanted to completely deny the entire thing even happened at their car wash. After a verbal agreement between myself and the manager, I still to this day have not received any reimbursement for damages or my time. At this time, I DO NOT want a credit of any kind from this company. I have proof of damages to my car in the amount of $546.48. This is my last attempt to collect this debt before I forward this to my attorney and proceed with small claims court. We had a verbal agreement that was legally binding in the state of Texas. I have pictures and proof… We had a verbal agreement that was legally binding in the state of Texas. I have pictures and proof of all the damage right after it occurred, which the car was still in their parking lot (In the pictures). I would like a check for $546.48 to cover my damages. At this time I am not seeking any reimbursement for my time or legal fees (I have already contacted my attorney on this matter). However, if this is not received in a timely manner I will be forced to include these amounts in my next settlement offer which will happen in court. I look forward to your prompt response so both parties can move on. I feel like some responsibility should be taken for what happened. Denying the facts isn’t the way a proper business should run. In fact, if you had resolved this matter as described and offered by your store Manager, you could have kept myself, and my entire family as customers. Again, I personally don’t think the damage was “that” bad, however, the car was BRAND NEW, and was purchased off the showroom floor where it sat for 3 days before i closed on the paper work. The car had less than a couple hundred miles if that, I am 100% certain that these damages (deep scratches that are not repairable) came from this car wash. Arbor Car Wash did try to correct this by buffing them out. Even they agree the bumper would have to be removed and repainted for a proper repair. I can scan/fax a copy of my invoice from Continental Collision Center, the repair shop recommended by the dealer that they use. Hyperformanceparts Austin, TexasU.S.A.

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