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Arborview Capital LLC

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Published: 15 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Arborview Capital bought the company that I had workedfor as a senior executive for almost twelve years. Enery Automation Systems, Inc. They ( Arborviewcapital) bought the company knowing full well of all financial obligations, mine specifically, an employment agreement, that was very specific about amounts due. I was not terminated for any cause, therfore my employment agreement was in play. They gutted the company, “re-negotiated” my employment agreement much to my dismay, but then stopped paying the remaineder of the lesser amount that had been “re-negotiated”. I got a legal judgemnt against them, but they cleverly moved money around, became TN Debt Acquisition Corporation to avoid my liens and avoid my judgement. Arborview founder ( Joe Lipscomb) lies, does not honor any agreemen written or verbal. Arborview bought the company ( EASI) I worked for from our dying founder/owner and even changed their $ deal at the 11th hour knowing they could due to the terminal condition of our owner. They burdoned EneryAutomation Systems with additional debt (bank debt and ridiculous staff additions) that were not needed, let the executive/management team go. We had helped make the business a success for more than thirty years prior to their buying it. They brought in very expensive “consultants” unnecessary staff, and so on. My agreement was known during their exhaustive and expensive due dilegence. I was terminated, my agreement was to be honored, legally I was awarded a judgement after costly legal fees and they deceptively formed a Tn Debt Aquisition Corporation- a Delaware Corp- also now vanished, but someone is still doing business as EASI, Energy Automation Systms, Inc. I was the number one legal judgent that they walked on but sold the company supposedly this month. ( 03-2016) Beware of this group they a vulture capitalists who misrepresent what they do, what they can do, what they will do. Do not expect them to honor any of their agreements. They owe me over 75K plus legal fees and interest. Ive been silent for over a year, paid legal fees for the judgemt against them but they have weaseled and walked. Companies beware of this firm if you are looking for investors to buy you- run away and do not consider them as they can’t improve sales strategies, improve management metrics and will be the downfall of your company. Arborview Capital owes me in excess of 75K plus interest and fees. They claim to allow management teams run their business- They do not leave day to day operations to management They are not partners with management, their expertise is not value added. They would say that EASI owes me the money – oh EASI dos not exist- Arborview does, so their expertise seems to be in avoiding obligations and screwing those they can because they can. Did I mention I am a female over 60? My termination was Not for cause but rather for their convenience- theirs!

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