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Such rats shouldn’t run a business.

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Published: 24 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am an engineer and have been doing my job in a reputed company for the last 4 years. I bought a car two years ago as a mode of transportation for my official works. It’s been two years now and the car is getting a bit old and requires service now and then. It was time for my car to get a good service. If you drive a car, then you must know how irritating an unserviced car can get. My car seemed to need a mechanic for a quick repair as I cannot miss my work because of such issues. I searched online for different car repair centres and found Arch Auto Parts to be the best one in my area.
I took my car into their custom shop and asked one of the mechanics about the manager. The mechanic seemed to be the least interested in what I said and decided not to answer at first. He pretended like he was very busy in his work with his ear pods plugged in. I pardoned him again so that I could see the manager and this time all he did was direct me with different signs to the manager’s room. I somehow got myself to the manager’s room and because of the loud music, I was not able to talk to him. I suggested he either come outside or lower the volume, but he didn’t listen to me. One of the staff members then finally took me outside and asked me about the problem my car was facing. I told him about the excess heating of my car to which he opened the bonnet to check out. After 10 minutes of checking, he said that my car needed a serious repair and if not done within two days the engine would blast off due to this heat. I agreed to him quickly, then he told me that the radiator needed to be changed and then he handed me a book containing different radiators of different prices. Being a middle-class person I made a choice which was not very expensive but the mechanic told me that it was unavailable and suggested me to buy the most expensive one on the chart. I told him about my financial status to which he mocked by saying that “then why have you come to this place when you can’t afford shit bro”.
This was very rude of him and pissed me off. He then told me to go check out some other place with the lower expense and the Arch Auto Parts doesn’t give service to “broke-ass” customers. I wanted to talk to the manager about it but the mechanic I was talking to, sent me off from there saying that the manager was too busy and doesn’t have time for me. The whole incident wasted my day and nothing was even done with my car, I had to choose another repair centre for my car problem. Don’t ever go to the Arch Auto Parts they judge you according to your financial condition and if you are a lower or a middle-class person, they won’t treat you well. Please stay away!

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