ARCO am pm 82608

ARCO am pm 82608

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Published: 02 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I dropped my wife off at Railey’s Market in Auburn. She gave me two $20 bills and asked me to put in $30. I pulled up to pump 8 and got out and went to the money changer on that island. one side would not take my $20 bill. I tried both bills but it wouldn’t work. I went around to the other side and it took both my $20 bills. The screen read that I had put in $40. I pumped on automatic up until $25 and then grabbed it and pumped slower as to not run over $30. I slowed it down and stopped exactly at $30. I shut off the pump and went directly into the minimart and went up to the counter and asked for my change. The clerk checked the readout and shook his head saying I had no change coming. I told him that I had put two $20 bills and he said I was mistaken. The receipt said simply $30 had been sold, but not how much cash had been deposited. He had me come back and read his screen where it said $30 had been put in at 19:30 hours on pump 8, but on the next line it said $40 at 19:30 hours on pump 8. I argued that it was impossible for two transactions to be made at the same time on the same pump, but he said that was not the case and I was wrong. I told him that he was either lying or his computer was wrong and that at the end of the day it would come out 10$ too much. After some more arguing he gave me the owner’s phone number. I called him and he said he would call me and let me know either way. I was never called back. I called back with one more point and got the clerk that sold me the gas. Obviously he was part owner himself. This time he screamed at me that I was still wrong and I told him I would advise everybody I knew to avoid going to am/pm Arco at that address in Auburn.

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