Arias Pistons

Arias Pistons

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Published: 27 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Had a block sent to get sleeved, took them 10 months to get it back to me. I went to have blocked posted because sleeved installed did not have any side wall supports and after drilling holes tapping them “only” No postes were installed, We discovered they had cracked the block. When I spoke to Tom Jung about issue, he told me he thoguth they did do it and would warranty it out. The next week he faield to call back as he promised. I called him. He said that they diod not crack it and would not warranty it. after many phone calls and conversations with the shop they delt with still no resolution.He prommised he woudl ship it in 4 weeks. Finally he said he wouls get it taken care of and after another 4 months I had not heard anything. I called him 3 times in 2 week peroid and finally got in touch with him and he then said I had to pay for the work. He said he woudl ship it the end of the week. End of the week still no block Monday Called him again and he said he shipped it. Tuesday no block, he said it was sitting next to him waiting for my agreement to pay cod charges for work done. I called his boss. She never answered my messages and only had him call me. He said he was tryign to hook me up and was not goig to charge all kinds of $. After several phone conversations and his arogance I told him I was not paying and the shop was going to eat the costs not me. He got mad because I was not eating any costs. The company is reflected in the actions of their sales staff. If any company employees a guy who lies about calling, lies about takign responsibility lies about shipping items and costs shows they also have no integrety. Arias lies and tells lots of stories about how good they are and how wonderfull their products are. They products are basic style with the lowest performance gains of any aftermarket producer. They basically only beat the stock parts and no one else in performance and quality. Arias is a horrible company to do buisness with and they should never be allowed to stay in buisness is my personal opinion. Michael Arlington, TexasU.S.A.

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