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I would strongly recommend that you do not go here!

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Published: 27 May 2019

Posted by: Carolyn

I was a regular at Aristo Dental since May 2018. I used to come here every 3 months for getting preventive treatments. The staff seemed nice and the pricing was just like every other regular dental clinic. And now Aristo Dental billing people have charged me with over $9,000 on top of my whole insurance plan. This is a mistake on my end because I was foolish enough to trust them with a major treatment. I should have gone to a different place cause then I wouldn’t be in debt for some overpriced services.

I was impressed by the nice behaviour of their staff and even though I heard some bad things about the doctor, I decided to ignore those and continue my relationship with them (however now I realize that I should have listened to those people instead of outright ignoring them). Please don’t be blinded by their niceness otherwise it will come back like a boomerang and bite you on your ass. These guys are nothing but scammers who make false claims about their expertise and results. Staying away from such con artists is the best way to avoid them.

This clinic started the treatment for my 2 normal cavities and transformed them into 2 extreme cases that needed emergency root canal treatment. Magic? Yes, if magic is deliberately damaging a person’s teeth for your own greed and benefits. They forcefully installed new crowns and dental posts that did not fit my teeth. If you think that this is it, then just wait and you will be shocked to see what happened next. The root canal treatment was going ok but the doctor’s instrument slipped up and he damaged the roots of my teeth. And I had to get them replaced with implants but even after the expensive replacements, I have to suffer from sensitivity. I would have understood their perspective if they damaged one of the root canals, but failing in BOTH of the root canal treatments is just absurd and unrealistically pathetic. The damages that this clinic has done to my teeth are expensive to repair and I don’t know how long it would take me to afford that kind of money. Aristo Dental should be closed on an immediate basis, otherwise, these guys will keep ruining people’s lives. I recently did some research and found out that they have many high rated reviews on the internet, however, after my experience; I would suggest that you don’t rely on those too-good-to-be-true reviews and do some extensive research yourself. It is not that difficult to find a good dental clinic in this area, just be patient and don’t make silly mistakes as I made. If you see a red flag, then don’t ignore it! I hope that you learn something of value from my experience.

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