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Published: 12 April 2020

Posted by: Akaur

Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to today due to a very bad experience in your store. Location: CF Sherway Gardens in Toronto. I usually go to aritzia because I love your clothes and usually most stores the employees greet you and ask if you need help. For me that wasn”t he case, I walked in and no one acknowledged me. Later saw there other ladies walk in and the employees ran to greet them. As I shopped I got a lot of rude stares from the employees, not sure why but I felt really uncomfortable for the first time shopping at your store. I carried on as I found two items I really liked and wanted to buy but had to try on for the size. No one came to me to ask if I wanted to start a room or if they could take my items to the changing room. 2 min later a girl next to me picked out an item and an employee ran to her and asked if she could take the top the changing room. Shocked by the service, no one asked me and I had three items in my hands. I sort of brushed it off and made my way to the changing room. The employee in the changing room saw me but didn”t say anything, another customer comes by and the employee tells her I have your clothes right here come with me. I bough maybe she was helping before, which I then brushed passed again, but after serving her the employee ran off to talk with her fellow colleagues. Apparently it requires six girls to fold leggings and giggle away while I waited. Another customer comes by the employee comes back, hi your need a the changing room she asked and the customers nods and she takes her in. Before I could even ask the employee when I can I use the changing room she ran off again, back to giggle with her fellow colleagues. I thought am I invisible that she can”t see that I wanted to use the changing room. The store wasn”t busy there were only a few customers, so it wasn”t hard to help me. I got so annoyed as I really wanted to buy the items I picked. I left them hanging on the rail next to me and walked to the checkout desk. I asked if I could make a complaint and the colleague listened to what I had to say but when she replied she laughed at me and said oh I”m not the manager. Can you let the manager know and she laughs again and say yeah sure I”ll try. Not caring about me and I felt so hurt, discrimination was for sure the reason. I”m Indian but the only ladies they served were Caucasian. Judging for the looks they gave me, it was just such a horrible experience. Six employees were just hanging in one area laughing and chatting away. I”m so disappointed by the lack of remorse they had for me when I did decide to complain about how I felt I was treated, they couldn”t care less. You lost a sale today from a customer who shops at aritzia often but not in this location. This will be the last time I go here. I really hope your do something about this. As I will take it further if nothing is done, discrimination is not on and no one should stand for it. Everyone is welcomes anywhere, as we live in a multicultural city and we should all be treated the same. Disgusting Behaviour from all employees who worked on 3rd August 2017 – 4.30 and 5pm

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