Arizona Auto Wash

Arizona Auto Wash

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Published: 19 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

OMG! This place is HORRIBLE! If you want to be harrassed, and your personal info taken OUT of your car, and LOST or SOLD-GO HERE! The Manager known as Rich Geisler is as rude as a convict. The Site Manager- Shuan Carstensen is lacksidaisical and does not call you when your car is finished detailed and is un-helpful. Idropped my Infinity Fx35 off on Sunday at 9:30am by appt- Upon 3pm- 6 hours later- I went to pick up my car although no one called me to say it was done and ready- and to my astonishment the inside of my car looked like a slick greasy vasoline mess! My leather seats, steering wheel & consol had a film of cheap grease put on that was WET and slimey! The glove compartment was empty and never even vacumed much less cleaned or detailed. The floor mats were soaking wet and NOT clean- just wet. I felt ripped off for $125.00-but it gets WORSE! When I got home I parked the car in my garage and went to go to work the next morning (Monday) and noticed my entire Leather folder containing my IDENTITY – , Vehicle registration and Insurance card was missing! OMG! The guy working on my car Sunday could NOT even speak English- his name is Hector. I immediatly called the Via Linda location and spoke with Shuan Carstensen-Site Mgr. I kindly asked him to CALL every single patron who dropped their car off for detail Sunday to see if my info was accidentally put in another car. Shaun told me to get on line, and get another Ins card and another Registration and not to worry about my Identity being stolen! He missed the point of Identity Theft! Shaun said he’d call me back by 11am- he never did- I called on Tuesday to discuss the possibility that my info had obviously been stolen from the AZ Auto wash, since they could NOT locate it on site nor in other patrons cars- He turned me over to a young man who calls himself Rich, the General Mangager. I spoke with Rich on Wednesday early morning in which the conversation ended up extremely RUDE by Rich and he hung up on me.- as though I would just simply go away. There was also a slime ball about 21 yrs old hanging out at the wash,by the name of Brad Dennis pimping glass repairs. I told him NO- I didn’t need his assistance and he continued mess with my windshield glass. He actually was still at the auto wash at 3pm and hounded me for a TIP to pay him! He was like a fly on paper and would NOT go away. I never told him I agreed to pay him and he said he’d fix it for free. They give me no other alternative but to file a police report of theft on their property. They will find this complaint & report on since they do not care about their reputation and the reputation of AZ Auto Wash- their employer to help with this situation to be remanded.

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