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Published: 14 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On 8/31/06 I took my ’97 Lincoln Town Car to Arizona Car Care Centers (ACCC) to have my electric window repaired. The service was deplorable. I should have know better than to go with them when they never responded to my e-mail asking if they could service my vehicle. My appointment was for first thing in the morning, but I was told that their computers had been down the day before so they weren’t sure when they could fix my window. I explained that I needed it done that day and asked if they could. He told me that they should be able to look at it by noon and get it fixed by the end of the day. When I asked about the courtesy shuttle, I was told that there wasn’t one that day. So I walked over a mile to work in the hot sun carrying my laptop bag. My window was fixed by the end of the day and my boss was able to drop me off at the service center. When I was paying I was told that my tint had a little scratch or tear in it before they started working on it. The guy phrased it something like this, I’m not sure how long you plan on having your car, but they noticed a small tear in your window tint. There’s a place called ____ near Golf Links and Kolb that does a great job fixing that kind of thing.” I told them that I didn’t know that there was anything wrong with my tint and thanked him for the information. One quick look at my window told me that someone had lied. There was no way I could have missed a scratch that large. I went back into the service center and told them that the scratches weren’t there when I brought the car in. On careful inspection you can see numerous scratches of various sizes going in multiple directions. I told the guy that when I had packing taped the window shut I had only taped the outside of the window because I didn’t want to ruin my perfectly good tint. He tried to convince me that it happened when the window fell open, but I told him that the window had only opened as far as maybe two inches. He denied any responsibility for the scratches, but he told me that he would call me on Wednesday (9/6/06) to let me know what they would do to fix it. Before leaving the lot I checked to see if the electric switches on the door still worked. I noticed that there were dirty marks left on my ceiling and visor then as I was pulling away I noticed that my head lights weren’t on. [Background on my headlights: my head light switch got pushed into the dash years ago (you’re supposed to push it to turn on the interior lights) and since that panel extends across the entire dash we haven’t gotten it fixed. I usually just leave the head lights on and they go off after about 10 minutes. My husband likes to turn the head lights on and off so as not to bother people who are concerned he left his lights on.] Not only were my headlights turned off, but the knob had been removed from the switch. I wasn’t in the dash or in the car. I couldn’t turn my lights on! I was very unhappy, and went back into the office and demanded to talk to a manager. Either the guy I’d been talking to all along was a manager or he decided to pose as one. He never introduced himself as being one. I told him that the knob for my lights had been ripped off and now I couldn’t turn my lights on. I told him that I had intended to tell them to leave the switch alone when I brought the car in, but I’d forgotten. Either way the person who turned the lights off had removed and discarded the knob. The guy tried to blame me in round about ways and tried to convince me that it must’ve just popped off when the door was closed. I told him that since it wasn’t in the dash or the car that that was not what happened and that it had been removed by a person. He told me that he didn’t need to listen to my accusations any more. I told him that if it hadn’t fallen off into the car that perhaps he could check the service floor. He didn’t find it when he checked. The guy was never very nice, and never once was any kind of an apology made. Even when I told him that part of my problem with the whole situation was that I was trusting that my car would be well taken care of when I drop it off for service. I also pointed out that I wasn’t complaining about everything I could have about the bad service, ie, I hadn’t complained about their lack of shuttle service. They turned my lights on using a pair of pliers, and found some knob to balance in the hole in the dash as if they’d reattached it to the switch. Before I left I was told once again that I would be hearing from them on Wednesday about the tint. I later noticed other things that I didn’t bother going back to complain about my driver’s door hinge was bent to the extent that the door has to be slammed in order to fully close (the door wasn’t even properly closed when I found it in the lot), the light indicating that my headlights are on no longer works, the back light for the gear indicator on the dash no longer works, my gas level was obviously lower and the temperature for the air conditioning was set as low as it would go. I did not get a call back from Arizona Car Care Center regarding my tint. On Saturday, September 8, 2006, my husband called and talked to the manager about it. It turns out that the guy who was “helping” me was the manager. The manager still insists that they did nothing wrong, but he would call a place about getting my tint fixed and call us back in 30 minutes. About an hour later we received a call from someone to let us know they had scheduled an appointment on Monday at 11 am. The caller said that he wasn’t sure if the place could bill them for the fix so I might have to pay for it. Adina Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.

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