Arizona Dream Cars - Dan Stuart - Dave Stout - Tim Stout

Arizona Dream Cars - Dan Stuart - Dave Stout - Tim Stout

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Published: 03 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

i was contacted by dan stuart several times about advertising my bike and finally did have him put it on his site.his supposed brother came and photographed my bike and it was actually put on the stuarts supposed brother dave stout took trhe pictures and told dan that he wanted to by the bike for him self.after several conversations the bike was picked up and i was given a small downpayment and a contract that was signed by my self and dave stout.the agreed payments arrived monthly,sometimes very late.every check was cashed with no problem. this continued for 1 year then they all disapeared,dan stuart,dave stout and tim stout.then i heard that dave stout was arrested in indiana but he bonded out before i got a chance to confront him.his court will be held in southbend ind.if anyone can get a date and time i would really appreciate it.i want my bike or my money.i do still have a lean on the bike and a copy of the contract.can anyone please help me.these people are total thieves and deserve what they get for what they have done. Jeffrey whitepigeon, MichiganU.S.A.

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