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Published: 12 April 2019

Posted by: George C

There are fraudulent companies and then there are those which really take people for a ride when it comes to investing their hard earned money. One of these companies is Arizona Investment Link. This company has been allegedly siphoning off money in the name of property investments, providing pathetic customer service all the while. Most people are lured by the promises made by such companies to help them easily find and buy homes and then the actual nightmare starts. Neither do these clients get results nor is their money well deployed at the right time, guaranteeing them a solid real estate investment for the future. As a result, these real estate investment firms give the whole industry a bad name and clients are naturally scared to invest likewise. This affects the overall industry thanks to a few bad eggs. 

Real estate investments are always subject to market risks which is what people should keep in mind when they approach any such investment and guidance/advisory companies. These companies do not take the ethical routes towards guiding or steering their clients towards putting money into the right assets. As a result, they should be avoided or carefully researched upon before putting one’s money into the same. This will help you avoid the horrible situations faced by several clients and people associated with Arizona Investment Link. Buying your first home? You would be better off doing the research yourself or working with a reputed realtor or agency instead of choosing such fly by night operators. This will keep you safeguarded from any misuse of your investment which you are naturally doing with your hard-earned money. 

Money is never earned free and even if it is, why should you simply waste it in unnecessary investments which never even get you the results that you desire. The property buying business is where people do require hand-holding to a larger degree these days since the complexity levels have gone up and there are several tertiary issues that come into play when it comes to purchasing property. However, you should always be careful when you approach any agency to guide you through the process otherwise you know what can happen. 


Arizona Investment Link- Why it is best avoided

AIL (Arizona Investment Link) has been conning people for quite some time now through its unethical business practices. Many people have been complaining but to no avail since the company either employs paid reviewers to keep posting positive stuff all over online forums and also linked to its website and social media channels. Additionally, negative reviews are filtered out and often removed. That could be possibly be due to tie-ups in a covert manner with several websites. This is one technique employed by several such fraudulent businesses to make it seem that everything is hunky dory and people absolutely have great experiences while working with them. This could be the chosen tactic for Arizona Investment Link as well. 

One complainant has already stated the worst possible experience befell him when he worked with Arizona Investment Link. This client saw an online advertisement for a condo property that was already showcased on the Arizona Investment Link website. He also came into contact with Jason La Flesch, the agent who would be representing the company AIL (Arizona Investment Link). Jason told the client that he was pleased to help with regard to buying the client’s first ever home. The customer in this question had just graduated from college and was eagerly looking forward to home ownership. Jason was a nice person and won over the client from day one. However, the client regrets that he gave in to Jason’s charms right at the start. 

To continue the story, an offer was made by the client after the property was checked out. The property seemed good enough and the location was also decent. The client was actually looking forward to finally owning it in the near future. This message was given to the seller by Jason and he also agreed to the same since the buyer was fulfilling all the stated requirements. Jason also informed the client that the seller was ready to do business with him and the email would soon be sent with the form needed for getting the transaction processed further. Jason also requested the client to make use of a company his friend had with regard to pre-qualification. To this, the client stated that he was already in discussions with another company for this purpose. 

Jason kept on insisting, vouching for his friend’s abilities and stating that the whole thing would be executed way faster. However, the client still did not confirm anything although he asked for more information from Jason. After several hours, when Jason did not call the client back, he called Jason to remind him about the email to be sent. 

Then, Jason stated that he got a cash offer with a value higher by $5,000 as compared to the price agreed upon verbally before. He also said that if the amount was not matched by the client, he would have to inform the same to the seller, something he did straight away. The client told Jason that he would immediately speak to his lawyer which made Jason panic. Jason then said that he would be fixing it and agreed on sending the email that very night itself. The client also filled up the form, sending it back the very next morning itself. After two days or so, Jason called the client, stating that he did not pre-qualify for the home loan which was absolutely false. 

He had obtained qualification from his company and this made Jason’s statement seem absurd. The agent further stated that the home owner was not available for signing the deal. The next day, he got an email which stated that the offer has been declined. The client is clear that the AIL (Arizona Investment Link) agent manipulated this entire transaction by misrepresentation of all the documentation and paperwork to the home owner and intentionally making it seem that the client was not pre-qualified for the transaction in question. He did all this to snag a lead which was stronger and offered more. The client was shocked to say the least and called Jason several times although he never gave any response. He also sent a text message, stating that the deal happened to be out of my league and gave a smiley as well. After making the client work so hard for meeting guidelines and closing the deal, he manipulated things to seem like the client was not qualified. This is absolutely unethical business and cheating. Jason is a cheat as per the client and can ditch any person. After this traumatizing episode, the client has vowed that he will never work with AIL again and has warned others not to do so. 

Another complainant talks about how Brandon Cox from Arizona Investment Link is really rude and does not set store by professionalism. This person was interested in investing in real estate for quite some time and is a small business owner, looking forward to going into real estate. With almost no experience, he thought of working in collaboration with a firm that was suitably experienced and has conducted business in the real estate segment or at least a firm which was already doing business in this sector. He sought out some companies and called some of them as well. Out of the companies called, Arizona Investment Link figured in the list. Brandon Cox from the company was simply the rudest and most unprofessional with a really bad attitude, arrogance and freakish behaviour. The client almost got a heart attack talking to him for a few minutes. 

This guy went on and on about himself and his own achievements and left no chance to bring down the caller on the other end, making him feel that he knew absolutely nothing, not just about real estate but almost everything else. In this complainant’s scenario, he was already a little anxious since this was the commencement of a business sector where he had never worked previously. As a result, he exercised greater caution in choosing a suitable partner who was willing to be attentive and also work together in a serious manner. When the complainant called the office of Brandon, the person who took the call, noted down all the questions of this person and then stated that all the messages would be conveyed definitely to Brandon. The client was waiting on the call for a long time. The guy came back after all this while and stated that Brandon remained really busy to take care of questions that were really basic. 

The complainant then told this guy that he will be seeking out another agent since he was really serious about the business collaboration. Sometime later, another call came from the office. Brandon himself was calling this time and asked about the questions that the person had. He repeated all the questions only to be snubbed by Brandon and told that his time was just being wasted when the answers were already provided on the website. Brandon also boasted about himself, stating that he remained really busy to take care of such minor things and also stated that it would be best if the person left an email with the questions which are not there on the website while saying that he would consider the offer. 

Now the fun part is that the person did not even make any offer since Brandon was arrogant and unprofessional. Successful? Doubtful but still someone cannot be so arrogant about his achievements. This person was not interested at all in learning anything about the complainant. This put off the complainant a great deal since he was not seeking someone who acts precious about the value of their time and others should also adjust likewise. There are timelines being dealt with by everyone. There was a rude manner employed by Brandon for someone who may have had a good opportunity for the firm. However, Brandon was too proud to even learn about what the complainant was offering. 

Brandon works as the managing partner at Arizona Investment Link. If this is how he operates, then you get a picture of the firm in question. They are not worthy of any respect whatsoever and may also be fraudulent companies as evident from several other complaint. 

In fact, another complainant has already stated that these guys are rip-offs of the highest order. This complainant says that Arizona Investment Link seeks to take advantage of those wishing to invest in real estate in diverse ways and rip off clients. This complainant lost his precious money and time while collaborating with AIL on a deal. He did not like Brandon Cox from the outset for his rude and arrogant manner. However, Cox managed to convince the complainant that he was getting a deal that comes only once in a lifetime and would not be there for a very long time. He invested $4,350 since he could not say no to the offer. However, after giving the money, the complainant was simply avoided by Brandon Cox and would never hear anything from him ever again. The person has called Cox innumerable times, texted multiple messages but has received no response. The only time a message came was to say that Cox was not available for talking at present. This is a full scam and the complainant’s money has just been scammed by these guys. Brandon Cox and Arizona Investment Link are total scammers. People should refrain from letting them help them buy homes. These guys are not interested in the wellbeing of their clients. They’re too interested in ripping people off and then acting all pricey as if they’re doing huge business and are really ethical. BEWARE of these frauds people! Don’t trust them with your real estate investments. 

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