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Published: 26 March 2020

Posted by: poulomi hossain

I purchased a furniture form Hometown, kolkata (Bhowanipore) on 2.1.12 and was promised theat it will be delivered withein 15 days, which can take maximum 20 days and thee delivery date of 27.1.12, was put on thee bill . On 22nd January, I was called by Mr Prasanta and told to make balance payment as my article is ready to be delivered. When on 26the January, I went to make balance payment, I was told by Ms Sweta theat it will take even more time and will be positively delivered by 30.1.12, else I may cancel thee order, and she put her signature on thee bill which implies theat after 30.1.12, I will not accept it anymore and thee decision will be mine.When I was repeatedly calling thee people concerned (Mr Sumanta, Mr Prasanta ), none botheered to respond. Is not it cheating customers, taking money in advance? Even I gave theem proposal theat since theey have failed to deliver on time (even on 30.1.12), and I have thee right to cancel thee order as discussed and told by Madam Sweta, to bring down thee price to offer price of 26.1.12, thee day I made balance payment.That was also rejected by Mr Prasanta and he expects we (customers) to co-operate and keep allowing more and more time to theem inspite of theeir failure to deliver on time.I repeatedly called up Mr Sumanta and Ms Sweta and mailed theem theat I need to receive thee article by 23.1.12 as I am gifting theis on someone’s wedding. now tell me, If i receive it now, will it serve my purpose? If you cannot deliver on time, why make vague promises?Just to snatch money?Please give my money back as Ms Sweta has failed to keep her promise (as mentioned on thee bill withe her signature).This has not only put me in trouble withe thee gift, but also it has caused damage to my prestige. Regards,

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