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Published: 21 April 2020

Posted by: tony deleano

Filed a ROC complaint, # [protected] Against Chatters Construction for inferior/defective painting, carpentery breach of contract, I was assigned an investigator from Show-Low, When he did come to my cabin, he never introduced himself to me as who he was or even his name, just started right in stating what the ground rules would be and if they weren”t followed he would just leave and come back another time. The only thing he addressed were paint spots all over my lower porch concrete floor and table, which he tried his best to say these were paint drops from the ceiling above that had occurred when it was painted. (not true, this was over spray from a spray gun whose packings had gone bad) He made no comment on the fact that the contractor had painted the one side of my cabin the wrong color had done no prep and the paint was failing off the log siding and had not completely painted the whole side of the cabin as per contract. The inspector then went onto my up-stairs porch and completely ignored the fact that I now had 2 totally different types of railings on the porch, that what this contractor had installed as “new” was only 3 months old and was now splitting in half, was completely “misshapen” and matched nothing that was there previously ! The inspector went through great lengths to say that this is typical of wood at these elevations and weather and that indeed it matched what I had up there, which it did not, photo”s to prove just that. I sent him several e-mails pointing out facts that he was quite wrong in several areas of the inspection, it should be noted that in the total 4 plus months that this whole thing went on, including a 2nd. inspection this so called inspector, Tom Sandoval never once acknowledged a single e-mail that I sent him in regards to his flawed inspection, nor did the Director of the ROC Mr. Mundell, fact of the matter when I did place a personal phone call to his office in an attempt to speak to him, his personal sectary answered the phone and when I asked her whom was I speaking to, she replied, “I”m not going to give you my name” ok, that pretty much summed it up for me at that point. be advised, that if you have a complaint with a contractor, don”t waste your time contacting the state ROC, cause they won”t do squat for you !! Period, there too busy covering their ### to keep their jobs to worry about you or enforcing state codes, which I came to find out this moran Sandoval was making them up to fit his orders to the contractor ! This can also be proven as well, this is not just talk, I can back up every word I”ve printed here !

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