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Worst dental clinic in the area

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Published: 14 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Some dental clinics help you get the perfect smile. And some other dental clinics ruin the existing smile you have. Arlington Dental Center falls in the category of the latter. I should have known that this place isn’t worth the money or time but I still went there. Always listen to your gut. My gut was telling me that this place isn’t right. But I still went there. And going there was one of the most painful things I have ever done. To locate the best dental center around the local area I would recommend you have to ensure that you have done what\’s necessary research to locate the best one nearby yet you have to ensure that there are a ton of con artists outside so you need to pick admirably.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the best dentist for myself. Moreover, I made the worst decision of my life and I can never forget the pain and anxiety I had to go through because of the clinic I chose. I had heard a bit of negativity about them but to be honest, I did not pay attention to the negative reviews and just took a look at the website. I made my decision and now I am regretting it. Well, I am talking about Arlington Dental Center. Some of you might be shocked to read the name but trust me they are nothing like their website says. According to them, they have the best facilities, the best technology, and the best staff but you will not witness it when you are at the clinic. I paid a lot for my Invisalign treatment but all the money was wasted. I found the treatment attractive as I was never a fan of braces so Invisalign caught me. My teeth needed alignment and what could be better than no wires or brackets. But who knew that I was choosing the worst dentist for the job. I cannot tell the whole story obviously but the dentist was highly unprofessional and the pain he gave me in the first sitting is a pain never to be forgotten. Those fucking bastards need to know the proper method of treatment so that nobody else has to go through the pain I went through.
The level of standards they had is awful; a customer reported that once he went there for a checkup. The hygienist was supposed to clean the tools but she forgot. The customer saw that and he tried to inform the dentist but the dentist didn’t listen. He ended up getting treated with dirty tools. Do you know how pathetic it must feel to go through that? And the treatment I went through was similar to this one. Clearly, this place needs to work a lot on its different avenues.
Whenever the health of your patient is a concern you should reach out to them and maintain a healthy relationship and clear up all the queries they have. But Arlington Dental Center has not been able to do so.

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