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Arlinton Toyota

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Published: 21 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In January, 2009, I went to Arlington Toyota to get an oil change. I have done all required maintenance on my car there since 2005 to maintain my Free Tires for Life. I was told I could not get the Free Tires for Life if I did not get the 30,000 mile check up. So, I did it for approx. $266.00 later. I then asked them to check my air conditioner because it gradually lost cold air. They charged me $49.00 for the diagnosis and came back and said the compressor clutch relay was bad and it would cost $700.00 to fix. I said I did not have that kind of money and declined. I also told them my tires were bad (they have been on the car for almost 4 years and we were putting air in everyday). They plugged one tire and said they still had some tread left and they could not give me tires at this time. I said ok. My husband was a mechanic years ago and decided to fix the air conditioner to save us money. He bought the part for $350.00 from Avenues Toyota. When he went to fix it he noticed the compressor clutch was not bad at all. Someone had ripped the air conditioner wiring out. He put the wiring back together and the air conditioner now works. Avenues Toyota took the part back and refunded our money. Meanwhile the pressure light on the tires went on every day even though we kept putting air in the tires. My husband said the tires are bad. He went to Arlington Toyota and told them about the sabotage to my air conditioner. They just did not care and said they would not refund the $49.00 for the misdiagnosis. Nor would they look under the hood to see that the original air compressor clutch relay was still there and the air conditioner was working. He asked for new tires for my car under the contract I have for Free Tires for Life. They said no because 2 tires were bad and they had to average out all 4 tires. I went to Sun Tire today and Tire Kingdom. Both companies said the tires are bad, and that I should not be driving with a child in the car with 2 bald tires on the rear. Also, all 4 tires have bad sidewall cracking/dry rot cracks. They said there is a little tread left, but the tires are going bad from the inside of the tire and that’s why the pressure light keeps coming on. They told my husband that they cannot replace the tires because of over inflation (Mr. Rick Doran’s statement). We have never had over inflated tires. My husband uses a pressure gauge to put air in the bad tires. I have receipts of all the tire pressure problems since 2005. Also pictures of the ripped wiring. Also, my mileage is 34,000. Average life span for these tires is 30,000-32,00 per another Toyota dealership. Victim of dealer abuse Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.

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