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Published: 25 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

About me: I am a well educated working professional in the Northeast Area. I say this because there are plenty of negative things reported about companies and people from individuals that have some personal grudge or business reason to write a scam report, or they just made mistakes of their own. So while I certainly do not consider myself a genius or financial wizard by any means, I am a reasonably wise person when it comes to finances, and can usually sift through all the BS and get rich schemes that are out there. I have been doing some real estate on the side, and after seeing Armando’s show and the infomercial for the live event, I decided to give it a try. It was free after all right? The live event was the first 3 hours of my life I wish I could get back. The whole thing started an hour late, there were like 20 seats for like 6 people in this old seminar hall in a Sheraton. Armando was not even there. Eventually a guy in a burgundy suit walks in, and greets us. He is like Armando’s closest friend or something. “”Hello Everyone, Armando Montelongo wants us all to be millionaires””. The guy was a joke…the fake tan, the oversized gold rolex watch on his hand dangled freely for everyone to see. Armando why do you hire people like this, they only make you seem less credible and more of a scam. I mean for a skinny white guy he sure had on a lot of bling, he was definitely trying to make it look like he had money, and not in a classy way. He then placed his BMW keys on the table and began talking. For the next hour he showed us pictures of his “amazing” life. He then showed us how Armando Montelongo education company was INC Magazines 1 fastest growing education company. First of all: The fastest growing company says nothing about the quality of education. They throw that statistic around like it’s a seal of integrity. All it means is that they are really good at MAKING MONEY FROM STUDENTS. Sales. Sales. Sales. It was all about sales. The instructer then went on to show us all of his and Armando’s money, houses, hot wives and expensive clothes. I was stunned by how blatant he was being…I mean seriously I came there to learn, not hear about this guy’s fake millionaire lifestyle. For all I know he might have been a millionaire, but the way he kept trying to make us believe it, made it almost not believable. Anyways, so eventually he starts hinting at how all of this was possible because of his mentor Armando Montelongo and the 3-day seminar Armando has. He then has us write down a number on a piece of paper, it’s the amount of money we wish we had, or the amount that would make us feel secure. Then he said that what if for just $1500 Armando could get us that number. Seriously, I said “yes” sign me up if that is how much it is. The last 15 minutes were the only really useful instruction, of the whole seminar. It’s the reason I stayed. He showed us testimonials of former students and then went through some of their deals. There was definitely some system there, but before we could write any useful info down, he switched slides. He then talked about how to borrow money correctly, and this seemed primarily so that he could con people into borrowing 1500 if they didn’t have it. Finally he said that the 3-day was already full and that only 3 slots were remaining. Seriously the guy was a used car salesman. Anyways, I signed up because I figured they had a money back garauntee and what’s the worst that could happen. Only out 1500 for now I thought. .

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