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Published: 14 October 2018

Posted by: Nataly

After 2 weeks of installation, my flooring began to show problems of cracking. Later a piece of wood came up (chunking). Another piece came up last Oct. ’08. 2 different independent third party people came out to inspect the floor. Both reports were inaccurate. Upon inspection & claim details, the 1st stated there were manufacturers issues. Armstrong would replace the defective boards. Cutting out & replacing each board nailing them through the top. Because one cannot guarantee a smooth, level finish with same color & nails showing, this was not acceptable. Moisture in & under home were well within range. For the 2nd inspection, all furniture, but 1 couch was removed & tape placed at each crack & chunk, it looked like a mine field. 2nd report stated I had done the damage by cleaning them. Cleaning was done monthly, if that, vacuumed regularly. Report stated it was due to ‘topical moisture’. He ran a string saying the floors were off 1-1/2 inches. We ran the string & they were barely off 1/4 inch. He stated they were engineered floors, not solid. His report was inaccurate. Had I done something wrong I could except that. This company most likely pays their independent experts extra to make an unfavorable report against the consumer. The inspections were both done by L & N Services.

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