Arnold Donszelmann - Donzelmann - Leisure RV Millet - LRV

Arnold Donszelmann - Donzelmann - Leisure RV Millet - LRV

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Published: 01 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Arnold Donszelmann is a crook, theif, an evil thing that hides behind a bible. He is soft spoken, gentle and non aggressive. He comes across to you as your best friend and it doesn’t matter either way to him if you do business with him. That’s how he ‘hooks’ people! And he hooked us good. We became part of Arnold’s management program at Leisure RV in 2006 purchasing 2 RV’s. For several months, Arnold gave us installment payments for the RV’s that were ours but he rented out for us. Our suspicion began when we could never actually get our RV when we wanted too. It was either in Calgary, BC or who knows where. Ultimately in late 2007 after numerous missed installment payments by him, the bank contacts us and asks us why we’re selling one of our RV’s on a lot in Calgary? Well, ultimately here’s what happened. ARNOLD received VIN numbers from this company in Calgary and that’s what he supplied the banks with. BUT Arnold never did purchase the RV’s once he received our loan money or countless others. He’s done this to over 30 Edmonton families that we are aware of. So he pocketed the money and we never actually ever owned any RV’s. FAKE VIN NUMBERS. Now Banks are suing us for the loans and Arnold is quietly ‘out of business’. Although knowing otherwise, he sold his company to his daughter for a $1, Rebekah Donszelmann. If you ‘google’ her name, you’ll find she’s equally a scam artist and also has reports on her in Ripoff Scams site as well. Google her boyfriend Steve Weeres while you’re at it. So the entire bunch, including Arnolds wife is in on this multimillion dollar scam they’ve pulled off. We may actually lose our home. The only home our kids have grown up in. There is a class action lawsuit that is commencing on Arnold and the gang for any of you who would like to join. Contact (((ROR REDACTED))) and I will stear you in the right direction! It is heart breaking what they’ve done to us and similar families like us. We’re devastated because of Arnold Donszelmann and his wife Wynn Grant! May they burn in hell for all the heart ache they have caused. Cellis Edmonton, AlbertaCanada CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

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