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The misdiagnosis of Dr. Rosenthal caused me a lot of pain!

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Published: 11 June 2019

Posted by: Bonnie

If you’re looking for incompetent, inexperienced and foolish doctors to look after you, then this is the perfect place for you. The people here have zero knowledge of gynecology or obstetrics. I wonder how they are even able to run a clinic with such poor competence. They shouldn’t be allowed to run a clinic of this sort. Instead, their licenses should be taken and they should be banned from doing anything like this.

If you think you need to get checked for a UTI or any other disease related to that area, avoid visiting this place. He claims to be a caring doctor but in reality, he is a cruel and selfish bastard. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have to go through months of agony and pay an enormous pile of bills.

I had visited Aronson and Rosenthal’s clinic to get a simple checkup. I was suspecting that I had UTI. I was certain that I was experiencing some of the symptoms of UTI. So I was a little afraid and cautious. I wanted to get a professional opinion. When I looked up online for an experienced gynecologist in my area, these people’s name popped up. I thought they were reliable professionals because of the positive reviews and the great-looking website they have. Who would\’ve thought that the doctors would be foolish and utterly stupid? I was a fool to think that they were trustworthy doctors.

Anyway, when I visited the place, Dr. Rosenthal was supposed to do my checkup. He did some tests. And according to him, I was fine. He didn’t mention anything about any UTI. I was glad and confused at the same time. But after getting the diagnosis, I thought I was being paranoid and there wasn’t anything for me to worry about. I was wrong. I was deadly wrong. I had UTI. And it was making my life worse day by day. I used to be in constant pain and the situation was getting out of hand. I was eating painkillers like an addict or something.

Finally, I gave in to the pain and went to see another doctor. There, I got diagnosed with UTI and now I’m undergoing treatment for the same. When I found out that I really had UTI, I was shocked. Dr. Rosenthal failed to notice my symptoms. He is either a foolish man who doesn’t know anything about gynecology or he is too careless. In both cases, he is not a trustworthy doctor. He is the opposite.

When I contacted these people about my condition, they replied that they weren’t aware of anything like that. Dr. Rosenthal told me that he couldn’t have made any mistakes and it must’ve been me that caused this blunder. How low can a person go? Anyway, I’m never going back to this place and I’d advise you to stay away from these people as well. You’d be better off going someplace else.

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