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I just feel robbed

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Published: 11 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It’s weird for me to leave a review for a moving service, but I feel compelled to do it just so it can be of help to anybody thinking of hiring this terrible service.
I would like to mention that I have been moving a lot during the past couple of years due to my husband’s job, so we’ve had our fair share of moving, we’ve had to deal with so many moving services that I’m sure I know at this point what’s a reliable service and what’s not.
So, we were moving from Irvin to Lake Forest, we had just a few things home; a TV, a Nintendo Switch, computers, gym equipment and a table with 2 chairs were pretty much all we had. I knew they wouldn’t be cheap, but it would surely be easy considering we had just a few things. I called the service and spoke to someone named John, I described every single thing we own, and he quoted me for $890. Our moving was scheduled for Monday morning, the moving truck arrived more than 3 hours late, and with 4 men even though we were told only 2 would be sent. They loaded everything in the truck within an hour, used our bathroom without permission at least 5 times, and I am pretty sure that one of them was drunk. The rest of the moving was alright, they helped us carry everything upstairs, then again used the bathroom without permission, and ate the food we left lying around. The drunk man tried to ask me for what I can only think was water, but the words coming out of his mouth were so mixed up that I couldn’t understand a thing, my husband had to catch him from falling a couple times as well.
I know that this may not have been their fault, incompetent employees are real, but they could’ve left him out of the job if he was that wasted; however, this was not the worst part of our experience.
The worst part came when the moving was completed, and Dylan approached my husband with a bill for more than $1500. We tried arguing that it was not the discussed price, we had given every detail, so there was no reason for the price to be different. Then Dylan said what I think is the most ludicrous excuse I’ve ever heard from a company to charge more for a service, he says that there were 2 things added to the bill not included in the original price. First, they charged us for the 2 extra men they brought even though we never asked them to do it; also, they charged us for carrying our things upstairs without even saying it was going to have an extra cost.
By the time we realized they were just greedy scammers, it was already too late, and we owed them almost twice the discussed price. I just can’t believe that this kind of people still exist, how do they even manage to keep their business open and not go to jail?

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