Art Carr Of California Performance Transmissions

Art Carr Of California Performance Transmissions

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Published: 17 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Art Carr California Performance Transmissions are a RIP RIP RIP OFF !!! Everytime I see Overhaulin…his T.V. Show I feel like puking. I bought a HIGH PERFORMANCE AOD TRANSMISSION from him. Suppose to handle 800 Horse Power in a mustang I was restoring. Well I have a stock 302 gt motor. So I figured the thing would last a life time. It lasted about an hour. The technician called Art and he told him it needed some valve. So we changed that. we had to buy it from a Ford Dealership then pay to Install it. It worked about another 15 miles. So Art Carr California Performance sent us another Transmission. THE DUMN HEAD SENT US A TRANNY FOR A LINCOLN. it was too long. so we had to have a drive shaft made to fit the thing. We couldnt get that transmission to go in Reverse. It didnt even work from the get go ! What a Joke. so he sent us another Transmission !! That one was for an F-150 and the this time it had all the wrong linkage. we swapped all the linkage out. you guessed it. the tranny didnt work. it wouldnt shift out of first gear! Then he wanted to send us another one. you think after all this he’d just give up. I mean he said it was my mechanic and blamed it on all kinds of crap. Hell Art Carr if you can’t even send the correct tranny after three try’s how can I expect you to ever get the internals correct ? What a Freaking Joke. so then he finally said he’d send my money back. It’s been almost 7 months now and no check. What a freaking Joke. You know what’s even funnier is that when I called him he asked me who I was gonna get to install it. I told him the speed shop I was working with..he said…oh yeah I know those guys there great, they absolutly know what their doing when it comes to high performace stuff. Then later he said my mechanic didnt know what he was doing! What a joke. PLUS I PAID ALL THE FREAKING LABOR FOR INSTALLING THREE DIFFERENT TRANSMISSIONS! So the whole thing has cost me $5000 and still no transmission that works !!! WTF F U Art Carr and California Performance. F your T.V. Show tooo I’ll bet the car’s you overhaul don’t even get out of the freaking garage. if you work on them! Michael Ruther Glen, VirginiaU.S.A.

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