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Published: 05 October 2018

Posted by: Krouse

[protected] invoice number. Date of purchase 12/19/15. Art Van Furniture 425 E. Eisenhower parkway, Ann Arbor, MI. 48108. Sales person: Ethan (27902) Store bedding manager: Juan We purchased a twin size mattress this last Saturday at the above Art Van store. My boyfriend and I were never told of the policy about going through the mattress testing and pillow testing in order to “activate” the mattress exchange policy. I asked Ethan (salesman) specifically about returning the mattress if it wasn”t comfortable to sleep on and he said the mattress could only be “exchanged”. When I asked how long the exchange process lasted, he told us “30 days”. He did offer the extended warranty for $119 which we declined. But that was it. There was no other conversation/communication regarding the exchange policy. After sleeping on the mattress for 2 nights, it is terribly uncomfortable and cannot be slept on by anyone in our household for more than a couple hours without back pain. I called the Ann Arbor store to say we needed to exchange it and was told that we couldn”t. That our sale was final because we didn”t go through the correct process to be eligible for the exchange. We would”ve gladly had our backs tested for the proper mattress/pillow if we were told we needed to do that. It was never offered to us…plain and simple. So now we are trying to exchange this mattress and Juan, the bedding manager said that it cannot be exchanged until at least 31 days and before 60 days. He also says we would then have to pay for the warranty ($119). OR…we can come back in and get tested for the proper mattress and pillow and then have to BUY a pillow and mattress protector. (We didn”t buy a mattress protector because we already have a fairly new one at home). Either way we have to pay out more money!! We were never told all of these “rules” or policies, so it”s very confusing as a consumer. And absolutely NOT FAIR. We want to exchange this mattress for another one and that”s it. We”re not asking for money back…only to exchange it, and for that exchange to be done in a fair manner based on the fact that we were not given the correct information.

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