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Artist Formula

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Published: 20 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Tyler Boone uses paid services to buy likes, views on You Tube, followers on Instagram, and streams on Spotify playlists that make him appear to have a following. Then he tries to sell it as a service under Artists Formula. Taking advantage of naive artists that are looking to get ahead. | He knows what to say to get them salivating in order to get them to sign up. Anyone that doesn’t know any better thinks they are getting a good deal. When in actuality are getting taken for a ride. | He charges premium prices for services using third parties that can be found on Fiverr for a fraction of the cost. There is little to no return on the investment and any progress made will be deleted as soon as you stop paying him or the cycle of algorithms run out and you have to buy more. | All of the Spotify streams, Instagram growth, You Tube views, and products he sells are not “organic” like he claims. There’s no such thing as organic rapid growth like Artist Formula offers. Don’t buy it. | We in the industry can see right though these types of things when we are looking at profiles and we immediately discount anyone that uses them. We call it “shooting themselves in the foot”. DON’T DO IT! You may even find your entire account deleted for fraudulent numbers. | Even if you get lucky and It doesn’t get deleted or suspended, it will permanently compromise your algorithms if you try to do any real marketing in the future. You will not be able to get any accurate data when evaluating your ad campaigns. You’re better of deleting your account and starting over. | Tyler Boone receives a number of handouts, interviews, endorsements, and radio spots, but not because of his music, but because his persistence is annoying and they get tired of their email box getting flooded. Plus he pays for most of it using the money he takes from artists with this fraudulent service. | He is extremely unprofessional, and when you ask him to remove your name from his email list, he gets extremely rude and another side of him comes out. He’s a very sweet charmer up until the point that he’s not getting what he wants. | He’s had negative reviews on his Artist Formula page that he took down in order to protect himself and his facade of being a successful businessman of integrity, which he is not. | There are many reputable companies out there with integrity and deliver a good product. Make sure you look closely at what you are purchasing before you pay. | Be careful when buying likes, followers, and streams to help you get ahead. Don’t “shoot yourself in the foot”.

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