Artistic General Contractors

Artistic General Contractors

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Published: 19 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This is a warning to all subcontractors or any persons entering into any type of agreement or business transaction with Artistic General Conartists. I have been in the business for 20 years and an owner for 6 years, and never have I seen a more unethical, malicious, and down right evil group of individuals claiming to be a “General Contractor”. If you are a subcontractor that has been approached by or thinking of doing business with Artistic at any level, I would suggest you “RUN” as far as possible from these crooks! The projects I did with thees fools were hotel remodels in the state of Georgia. Here is how there business model is structred you will be asked to sign there 30 page contract that is filled with clauses empowering them with abilities to scare and monetarily hurt you, such as 1)They do not hold safety meetings but will fine you $500 dollars for not attending for as many days as they see fit! this is a way for them to generate revenue. 2)They will push you to get more men on the job even when not necessary, then threaten to get another contractor onsight at your expense. 3)Change order work will be demanded and pushed to be completed but unless you get a signed c.o. from Jason Welling you “will not” get paid. 4)You will fund the job for the first 3 months at least and payment will not be issued according to the initial agreement, you will be funneled to a secretary that will tell you that they have not received payment from the owner “when they have”but according to the contract you will not get paid until they feel like it. 5)There accounts payable department is nothing but smoke and mirrors, you will fight constantly to get payment and at this point you will be so vested in the project , with money tied up in materials and labor youll be at there mercy for whatever crumbs they will give you, “and this is how they oporate with every sub…. 6)Used as a corrective measure they will arbitrarily fine you with an insubordination fine of… yep you guessed it $500 this is another indimidation tactic to keep you under there rule. And when its all said and done, and the project is complete and what change orders you do get approved that have been cut and hacked to pieces, your only recourse is to file liens on the property, and you are 90 days without payment. At this point the liens will be contested because you agreed to a 2 page arbitration clause in the contract and now you are at the mercy of the arbitrator which is in the hip pocket of Artistic, you will have to travel to polk county florida only to loose out on the rest of the contract amount that is owed to you. It is truly sad that we live in a world where such slime still exists! When all we want is to be paid for work completed. This treatment was done to at least 9 subs that i am aware of, on this project. This project started at the end of 2018 subs still have not been paid!! Here are a few of the individuals at Artistic that ripped me off! Jason Welling, Steve Mueller, Doug Wood

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