Artistic Hospitality & Resorts Construction Inc

Artistic Hospitality & Resorts Construction Inc

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Published: 02 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

CONTRACTORS AND SUBCONTRACTORS BEWARE OF FRAUDULANT BUSINESS PRACTICES We are a licensed plumbing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. In October, we were commissioned by Artistic Hospitality and Resort to pull permits for a large hotel renovation project in Park City, Utah. This led to us contracting with them on the Marriott Hotel by the Superintendent, Doug Wood. We believed that they were a legitimate company since they were doing business with the Marriott and the contractual agreement was extensive, notarized and insurance declarations needed to meet their high expectations. But in hindsight and now in reading the previous report about Artistic General, we have experienced the EXACT same situation in regards to NOT being paid, being told the date of payment will be tomorrow, the person in charge is in a meeting, etc… Everything is identical to the situation discribed by the previous company. We are now trying to collect payment for services that have been completed and the inspection was passed off. We have tried talking to them and getting specific information about payment, but the people in charge are always out of town, on personal leave or in a business meeting and do not take personal calls. We put our own time, material and labor costs into this project. Over $42,000 is owed to us and we have NOT received one single payment from them, even though Marriott has paid them. It is our opinion that they are unethical, dishonest and this is another warning from a subcontracted company to NOT CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. You will NOT be paid. You will NOT get clear answers. You will be told one story after another as to where your paperwork is, who is signing off on it and when the approval will be made for a “PARTIAL” payment. We have heard every scenario and excuse as to why we have not been paid when it was stated and agreed upon in writing that we would receive weekly payments from them. This was an unique agreement to be paid weekly. WE aggreed to show up on time, bring our own manpower, material and equipment and worked in good faith on the project to help them out of a difficult situation at the last minute because the completion date was nearing and the work was behind schedule. THEY DID NOT UPHOLD TO THIS AGREEMENT. DO NOT TRUST JASON WELLING, DOUG WOOD OR ANY OF THE PROMISES MADE BY MANAGEMENT OF ARTISTIC HOSPITALITY & RESORTS CONTRUCTION INC.

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