Artistique Diversified Corp. , ADC Cylinder

Artistique Diversified Corp. , ADC Cylinder

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Published: 04 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased these heads in October of 2007. I paid the following amount:$298 for a pair of E7TE (allegedly) “rebuilt” cylinder heads for my 351W Bronco motor. I then paid $1.34 for shipping insurance, and an additional $73.90 for USPS shipping, as opposed to their standard shipping with UPS. I opted to pay extra for USPS because they are more reliable in delivery. The parts were still delivered via UPS despite my request and payment. I contacted the seller, who never returned my email. I then called and left SEVERAL messages….none of which were ever returned. I still have yet to receive a refund for the extra shipping fee that I did not get from them. When my parts finally arrived they appeared to be cleaned, but I was unable to ascertain if they were rebuilt or just cleaned and shipped. Assuming the seller sold me a legit product, I installed them on my rebuilt motor. After investing over $3000 into rebuilding my motor using all new parts that were specifically installed to be compatible in unison, I installed the truck motor and attempted to fire it up. Nothing. After several days of tinkering I concluded that everything had been installed correctly, so something new on the engine was defective. I have literally tested, replaced, reinstalled, and etc. every single part with the exception of the heads. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the heads had different casting numbers. One was the correct head which I had ordered for my truck and is specifically for the 302/351w EFI blocks for 1987-1995. The other head was for a motor made prior to 1986, and was not an emissions motor. Further inspection lead me to discover erratic cylinder compression throughout the engine with psi ratings from 90-120 psi intermittantly.After further research I discovered that not only were the heads different in years, but they also had competely different cc ratings, and even had completely different intake/exhaust valve sizes. Both were for 302 engines which can be used on the 351W with modification, but with the other mechanical differences they are completely incompatable. I have attempted to contact the seller several times hoping to resolve the problem and obtain the correct heads. I attempted contact via internet and phonecalls over the last 2 YEARS and never once have they even tried to even take the time to lie to me again. They refuse my calls and messages. Clearly I had been robbed of over $370, and they have no intentions to maintain accountability. I have also discovered that this last year several otherd have been ripped off, filed claims and attempted to rectify the problem with no solution. The BBB website gives them an F rating, and they mention that ADC has repeatedly failed to provide legitimate proof that they are a legitimate business. The only thing keeping them from being sued for credit card fraud and internet scamming is the fact that they send you something to complete the erronious transactions. Good luck even finding them online anymore, they’ve packed their bags and moved on to other scams.

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