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The level of standards they had is awful.

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Published: 20 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The Artistry in Dentistry claims to be the best dental clinic in town currently located in Gilbert, Arizona and have the latest technology and methods to their patients smile, but the claim made by Artistry in Dentistry has proven to be wrong because numerous customers have reported about the experience they had at Artistry in Dentistry to be the worst and they have been disappointed. I’m one of those guys too whose treatment was messed up by the goons sitting there. This place sucks and you must avoid it if you really care about your teeth. You wouldn’t want to risk your dental health by going to a bunch of negligent dentists, would you? I know I wouldn’t want to. The list of people who have suffered because of the carelessness and unprofessionalism of this place is long. You will begin to hate these people too if you ever step a foot in there.
I was a new patient and I had gone to Artistry in Dentistry to get my cleaning. I was also recommended by the doctors to have my crown done and several other things after cleaning. For the crowning procedure, they had taken an x-ray. After waiting for 2 weeks, I got furious when I got to know that my x-rays were still not sent to the other office. Moreover, I didn’t get the referral credit which was promised by Artistry in Dentistry. Those guys refused to pay. Later, I got to know that I didn’t need a crown at all. Artistry in Dentistry was doing it only to make their money without ensuring the health of their patients. I would never come back again. Other people have also been duped by these goons.
One of the customers showed his concern about the way the staff at Artistry in Dentistry behaves with patients. He argued that they don’t know how to show respect to patients although he was a regular patient of Artistry in Dentistry but never wishes to come back again as there staff lacks in behavior. This type of attitude can make you customer furious and he may choose to refer to another doctor.
An unskilled and untrained professional can be costly for their patients. They should make sure that they maintain a high level of standard to treat their patients but Artistry in Dentistry hasn’t been able to do so. A customer reported that once he went there for a checkup. The doctor couldn’t place bands on his teeth as he was facing difficulty in placing over his teeth. Moreover, his senior doctor was also facing difficulty to get the things done. While trying to fit the bands, the doctor came very hard to him; this caused severe pain in his jaw and along the jawline. After he left the office and came home he noticed that a piece of his front tooth was broken off during the procedure at Artistry in Dentistry. The patient was disappointed with the way he was treated and never wishes to come back again over there.

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