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CRIMINALS who lack the basic knowledge of dental operations.

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Published: 12 May 2019

Posted by: Rachael

I was a regular customer of Arverne Dental. I used to go there for my regular checkups. But those people are jerks. I have doubts about their qualifications now. I don’t think they should be allowed to run a dental clinic in such a busy area. The staff, the dentists, they all are filthy people whose sole goal is to steal your money. They will do wasteful and useless procedures on you just so they can extract money from your pockets. They don’t care if they are damaging your teeth. They also don’t care about your financial situation. They will urge you to get those useless procedures and make you feel as if you’d be making a huge mistake if you don’t get the procedures done in time. They also don’t like you talking about another dentist. My wife made the mistake of bringing up the name of a nearby dentist and the hygienist (I don’t remember her name) started calling him names. She was bad-mouthing the dentist like he was some sort of creep. My wife didn’t visit the place since but I was a loyal customer. I paid a huge price for going to this place. First, they did a filling on one of my teeth. Then, after a few months, they did another filling on the same teeth. I thought that was unnecessary but the dentist implied that it was essential. But after that second filling, I began facing a lot of pain in my teeth. Even eating something was too much of a hassle for me. So I went to them again and they suggested me a root canal on the same tooth. So first, I got two fillings in that tooth and then for some reason, they were suggesting me a root canal there. My wife suggested me to go someplace else and get a second opinion. To be honest, I didn’t think I needed a second opinion. But I still went to her dentist. There, I found out that the dentists I used to rely on had actually destroyed one of my teeth. They had done poor fillings on it, which resulted in an infection and to treat that, I now needed a root canal. Those people were literally ROBBING ME! They were lying to me all the time and making me think that there was something seriously wrong with my teeth. I went to that place and complained about it. They told me that it was all lies. When I asked them for a refund for my filling they denied it. They said I had gone crazy and I wasn’t in my right mind! Those bastards thought they could fool me. I have complained about them on BBB and I’m certain some action would be taken against them. They lied to me for all this time and purposefully damaged my teeth so they can earn more money from me. Don’t visit this place. Arverne Dental is just filled with criminals. It’d be better to stay away from this place.

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