ASAP Motors And Transmissions

ASAP Motors And Transmissions

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Published: 30 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Me, my sister and my brother-in-law all spoke to DINA and were told we were being shipped a 1991 vw diesel engine with turbo with 30,000 miles on it, that she found from another company because she did not have one in stock and that it would need MINOR adjustment to work on my 1991 jetta turbo diesel. When I received the engine it had no turbo even though my invoice and the engine tag said with turbo. When I contacted DINA about this that’s when the lying, the getting hung up on and the transferring from one person at ASAP motors to another person at ASAP motors started.DINA said she never told us the engine had turbo(THIS IS A LIE). I had 3 mechanics and 2 machine shops to look at this motor, they all said it had over 200,000 miles on it and that it would not work in my car AT ALL and that it did not even look like a 1991 vw diesel engine. I contact my local VW dealer and had them run the numbers on the engines block and head I WAS HORRIFIED TO FIND OUT THAT THE ENGINE ASAP MOTORS SENT ME WAS FROM A 1981 VW FOX/Rabbit and there was no way it would work in a 1991 jetta not that I would want 23 year old engine with over 200,000 miles on it. When I called DINA she said she told me that the engine was from a 1981 and that I would have to BARE BLOCK the engine (ANOTHER LIE). If she honestly said this then why did my invoce and engine tag say I purchased a 1991 vw diesel engine. I THOUGHT IT WAS CONSIDERED FRAUD TO GIVE A RECEIPT FOR ONE ITEM AND TO SEND ANOTHER ITEM. DINA is rude, a liar, and has no buisness running this or any company and I have yet to find anyone that has anything nice to say about her. I did get a partial refund but I am still owed 225.00 for restocking and shipping. I have found that a lot of people are having the same problem. I do not fill I should have to pay restocking or shipping on a engine that was fraudlently sold to me, DINA knew it was a 1981 engine and that it would not work in my car and if this is just an honest mistake she would have given me the full refund I deserved. I HAVE CONTACTED THE STATE’S ATTORNEYS OFFICE ABOUT THIS COMPANY AND I SUGGEST THAT ANYONE THAT HAS HAD A PROBLEM WITH THIS COMPANY TO DO THE SAME. this company needs to be shut down immediatly. Also where is the owner of this company has anyone been able to find him. Andrew gulf breeze, FloridaU.S.A.

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