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A mentally-ill, greedy, selfish and arrogant dentist!

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Published: 30 May 2019

Posted by: Thomas

I had visited Ascot Family Dental for a teeth whitening treatment. I used to smoke, which I’ve given up now, and because of that, my teeth had become yellowish. And a friend’s wedding was getting near so I thought why not get a better smile, right? I was so wrong. This clinic is completely messed up. The staff here is a little decent but the dentist, ugh. He looks so creepy and behaves so weirdly. I didn’t know how to respond to his weird behavior. First, he smiles all the time making you think as if you’ve come into a mental hospital. And then he acts like those waiters you see in 5-star hotels. But that’s not all. His creepy behavior was only toppled by his incompetence. That guy used too much quantity of whatever the f*ck chemicals these people use people for teeth whitening. My teeth looked white alright, but they became sensitive. His retarded a** used too many chemicals for bleaching my teeth which made them sensitive. Now I can’t even drink coffee properly. And eating? That has become one of the most painful activities for me. That bald monkey-like fool messed up my teeth whitening so badly that I now have to visit another dental clinic to get that sensitivity treated. Do you know how he reacted to my complaint? He just said, “you must have that problem before, I can treat that for you.” I DIDN’T HAVE SENSITIVITY BEFORE HIS F*CKING TREATMENT! No matter how many times I tell him that I didn’t have this problem, he won’t accept his fault. All he knows to do is to smile and act like a weird TV character. This guy is literally retarded. You’d benefit from visiting someplace else. If you’d come here then be ready to give up all your teeth and spend all of your money. He does such a pathetic job but he charges you like he is a celebrity.

I have gone back to his clinic to get a refund. After all, his teeth whitening was so pathetic that it literally damaged my teeth. Well, when I got there he started spitting the same nonsense. According to him, I had sensitivity before I visited his clinic and I was trying to scam him into giving me back the money I gave to him. He was trying to play the victim card!! I really wanted to beat the sh*t out of that scumbag. I don’t tolerate this kind of depraved, pathetic and foolish nonsense. He shouldn’t even be allowed to work in this sector. All these weeks, I have been coming up with the pain of sensitive teeth. That bastard did a terrible job and because of his low-quality chemicals and only because of them, I’m now going through this pain. I don’t think it’d do good to anyone to visit his clinic. You’ll be better off finding someplace else where the dentist is real and doesn’t act like a creep.

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