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Ashdan Custom Homes

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Published: 05 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Ashdan Custom Homes, owned by Valdemar Bojczuk “Bo”, was hired as the lead contractor to oversee the rehab of a kitchen and bathroom which involved gutting both and replacing steel plumbing lines with copper. The “plumbers” were left alone in the house on a Saturday Nov. 23, 2018 to do the plumbing. When I returned that evening to check, I noticed the room temperature was 55 degrees F. I found out that they had turned off the furnace and left it off. In addition, they had unplugged the sump pump and left it unplugged. The overnight temperatures on this day were approx 15 degrees F. There was no ceiling in the bathroom, and the room was basically studs and water filled plumbing with roof deck and ridge vents visible. On the previous day, they left the furnace pilot light off. Three days later, I noticed that the floor in a basement closet was wet and a mist was spraying the storage boxes. The pipe to the outside garden hose faucet was poorly soldered and was spraying water. I looked over all the copper plumbing and noticed that the soldered joints were sloppily done with excess solder hanging like tear drops from the joints, beams had burn marks from the torch, the toilet PVC sewer pipe was burned, and the paint on the wall was burned. I complained to Valdemar Bojczuk “Bo” about the sloppy work and burn marks and he said the excess solder is “normal” and the reason for the burn marks was because it’s impossible to avoid those in tight confines. In addition he thought the PVC sewer pipe was burned only a “little bit” and it’s not a problem. In addition, the “plumbers” dropped a tool on the clothes washer and dented the control panel. Six days later, I noticed moisture on the foundation wall and found out that the other connection to the garden hose faucet was dripping due to a another sloppy solder job. In addition, the TV antenna that was routed near the water pipes on the ceiling was cut, and a grounding wire for the telephone landline was left disconnected. In addition, both garden faucet brick openings were not sealed and daylight could be seen through the holes. I checked the bathroom and found that the bathtub drain was installed in a tilted fashion where a sharp edge could be felt on one side and water pooled on the other side. Valdemar Bojczuk “Bo” of Ashdan Custom Homes and the two “plumbers” were called in to correct the problems but would not take responsibility for the cut TV antenna or sloppy soldering. Needless to say, the whole job is suspect and a village inspection has been scheduled to inspect ALL of the work performed by the subcontractors being “supervised” by “Bo”. In addition, we have parted ways with me stating that the work was sloppy and unsupervised with the possibility of major water damage occurring, and Valdemar Bojczuk “Bo” of Ashdan Custom Homes stating that I’m too demanding. Another, RESPONSIBLE contractor is being hired to complete the job.

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