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Published: 27 March 2020

Posted by: TiredofAwful Service

I got screwed over by Asheville Savings Bank last year. Don’t believe their slogan- Where Every Customer Counts! It’s a total lie! I didn’t count at all at their banks, and I’d been a loyal and good customer there for over 10 years! They closed out my account, after THEY screwed up and sent off my bank card to the wrong address. I had misplace my wallet and then found it an hour later in the restaurant I had ate at. The Branch manager at the Asheville Savings bank INSISTED that I needed to report it stolen for MY protection, but I found the wallet, it had been taken up to the cashier and NOTHING was missing! So I went ahead and went up to their teller, who was brand new, and asked them to send me a new bank card! About 3 weeks later, I still didn’t get the card and went into the bank on Merrimom Avenue and told Paige Holden, the branch manager I’d NOT received my card yet. She looked up the records and found out it was NOT sent to my address, but to someone else’s! That means, that I was in danger of having ALL my funds taken out of my account. I had over $1000 in the bank account at the time, and I needed to pay my housing payments soon. Then when I got upset, finding out it was sent off to the wrong address, she got all snippy and nasty to me and starting yelling at ME! They were the ONES who messed up and sent off the card to the wrong address, not me! I couldn’t stand the stess of dealing with her, she’s a mean, hateful person, Paige is, and I was OFTEN treated with disrespect and no courtesy at all, even though I’ve been a customer of theirs for over 10 years and I do remember when she first started with the bank only a few years back as just a teller! So.. Decided I’d go to a different branch and try straighten this out. I go into the Patton Avenue Branch in Asheville, since they had a lady manager there who was easy to deal with and polite. However they had a new manager, or there was a guy I’d never met before… and when I went in there to get them to send me a brand NEW card, with different numbers to MY address, not someone else’s, the guy said, “well, we’ll send you a new card to your proper address, but it will be the same number as the one that was mistakenly sent off to the wrong address!” Are you kidding me? That’s a thief dream! My god, and they INSISTED on sending me a New Card for MY protection??? Give me a break. When I got upset (as any normal person WOULD) he started to not only give me a hard time, but started to literally SCREAM at me! I couldn’t take the stress anymore, I have a heart condition and I told him he had no right to treat me so insolently, then he threatened to CLOSE out MY account on the spot! I told him, No, just send me a new card and give me a brand new NUMBER and then there won’t be a danger to my bank account and all my funds. He wouldn’t budge, wouldn’t be the least polite, or even BOTHER to apologize and said he was going to close out my acccount immediately! To go into a branch on Patton Avenue to complain and get a new card sent to MY address, not some total stranger’s the branch manger, this man, got really hateful and started SCREAMING at me, saying he’d send another card to MY address, but it would have the SAME card number as the card they sent off to the WRONG address!! How screwed up is that? I said, No, you cannot do that. that puts me at risk to have all my funds stolen by the person who might now have my bank card, you’ve mistakenly sent off the wrong address! What did he do instead? Threatened to close my checking account on the spot! I mean, who would forecast your bank would do such a thing to you? I had written several checks too that were pending, that would force me to get hir with overdraft fees of hundreds, since I had the account for 10 years. I didn’t bounce checks EVER with this bank. So, I went all the way down to Hendersonville, the main street branch, where i opened my account and told the branch manager, Carol, I was having problems with the Asheville branches. They promised to straighten it out for me.. but they never did! There was a teller in there, I cannot recall her name right now, but she has long dark hair and a rather unusual name, who’s known me for years there as a customer. Strange thing, every time you’d go in there, they’d ask you all kinds of personal questions, but yet, they don’t want to straighten out a huge mistake their bank has made! I got a phone call from Louise Baker, one day, about 10 days after that, but I never got ANY e-mails from her, even though I had sent e-mails to the branch managers I had been doing business with who did NOT screw at me…She was someone I knew because she had opened a savings account for me on their Hendersonville Road branch, but when I went in there to close out my safety deposit box, they claimed they had NO records of me even opening it to begin with, even though it had been there for YEARS! What is WRONG with this bank? The phone call, I received while I was driving, and the tone of her voice was hostile as all get out. I was trying to navigate this very trecherous stretch of a curvy mountain road and it was too dangerous in the first place to even talk while driving, never mind talking to some mean-spirited bank manager who had a large percentage of employees who were trying to screw me over royal! I did however e-mail Louise Baker and tell her all the details of what had happened and asked for her help. Instead, I found out later that she had PURPOSELY closed out ALL my accounts, without my knowledge and when I did go into their branch around May 15th, I was told by one of their long-term tellers, whom I had known since I got there, that they wouldn’t close out my account for AWHILE! See, they NEVER wanted to help me! They just screwed me over royal and didn’t give a second thought to it. I had NOT been bouncing checks or anything! There was enough money to cover all my checks, had they NOT closed out my account, but I was NEVER told WHEN they’d close out my account. There was no.. WE”RE CLOSING OUT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT in the subject line from ANY Asheville Savings Bank employee or manager sent to my e-mail. They had my e-mail for years now.. and to just call on the phone and be unbelievably hostile and have your customer’s life put in danger b/c it’s dangerous sometimes to talk & drive, that’s unscrupulous! Not to mention THEY made the error, in the first place and sent off my bank card to the wrong address! They refused to acknowledge their mistake, make any sort of amends (I mean, how stressful is that? Finding out your OWN bank has sent off your bank card to the wrong address???) and then I found out 3 weeks later they HAD closed out my account and THREE of my checks I had written to local businesses had bounced, so I was hit with over $130 in bank fees and it’s ruined my credit. Now I cannot even cash a check or use a check to buy groceries, and I’m hypoglycemic, so that puts my life at risk if I don’t have enough cash on me! That’s so unfair. So, don’t do business with Asheville Savings bank…They’re crooked, they’re liars, they screw up, they’re hateful to their long-time customers and I think what they did was unethical and probably illegal! DO NOT BUSINESS WITH ASHEVILLE SAVINGS BANK ever!

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