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Ashley Catering

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Published: 26 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Our company had a grand opening event on June 22, 2017 in Fontana, California. We needed to find a caterer for our event. We found Ashley Catering, and based on their Google Rating of 5 stars, we decided to use them for our event. Everything leading up to the event was great. | However, from the event forward, they were extremely unprofessional. The day of the event Ashley Catering was supposed to arrive at 8AM for their 2 hour window to set up to be done by 10AM. They didn’t arrive until after 9AM and were still setting up as guests were arriving. We didn’t even know they were going to be delayed until I had to call them to confirm their ETA. Once they arrived, the 3 staff members, (we were told there would be 4), though very nice, were slow to set up. | Their presentation skills were lacking, and I had to go and ask them to make the very sad looking platters more abundant and appetizing. | Their food was also subpar. We placed an order for bacon wrapped chicken skewers, finger sandwiches and pinwheels and bruschetta. The finger sandwiches looked like a kindergartener cut them, they left crusts on. The bread was squished and unenticing. They were not presentable for what we had paid for this event. The pinwheels were messy and the bruschetta were tiny. I had to bring out our facility popcorn maker just to offset how terrible the food was. Then we had issues with their dessert, which was store bought. At $21.00 per person, I would expect something that wasn’t from a supplier like Costco, Sam’s Club or Smart and Final. I would have expected something made in their kitchen. | We also paid an additional fee to have the attendants serve the food, and we have photographic evidence on multiple occasions that this wasn’t the case and one was on her phone constantly. When brought to the company’s attention after the fact in looking for compensation from this embarrassing event, we were given the run around, had to call multiple times to receive answers and basically were fluffed off by them saying “they considered the event a success.” The way they are handling these real grievances are completely unprofessional.

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