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Ashley Home Stores Misbehavior

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Published: 11 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was totally taken aback by the rude behavior of the representative. First of all, you need to know what are the requirements of your clients. Being their client I could easily see that they were not able to understand what when I requirements which neither were they able to provide me anything according to my requirements definitely whatever they showed me was very good and I like to convert the problem was not with the property. But with the prices I was not looking into such high-end pricing and such elaborate and great decorations along with so many other facilities. I was looking for something on the lower end and I did not receive anything like that instead. I received a very rude behavior from the representative saying that maybe I would be better off shopping somewhere else other than with them then they took me to their system and showed me some of the catalogs and said that they did not carry anything low end and everything was high-end products for them. When I went The catalog I did find something according to my expectation and according to my needs something that I could afford. So that is when I understood that it was a problem with the advisor definitely it is a problem with the company. So they are intertwined. She was only looking for commission and the companies only looking for money and nothing more nothing providing service. If this is the way then very soon they would be out of service.

Later on, I did find something that was. As per my expectations and I could afford it but since the customer service and the behavior that I got from them. I did not want to go forward with them anymore. To this I was given a very good feedback by the representative. She said if I could not afford the house then why did I waste their time? Is this the way that they are supposed to be talking to a client? No matter who they are. Well, this is the reason that I would never go for this company ever again neither would I ever recommend it to anybody.

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