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Published: 10 January 2019

Posted by: Valeriej313

06/11/19 Hello My Name is Valerie Nesmith and I was a purchasing customer in your Harlem store on 125th Street on Saturday, 06/08/19. As I came out of the dressing room with my items I was instructed to put the ones I did not want on the rack right next to the cashier. I did that and proceeded to walk around so I could pay for my items and I felt a sharp stick on the bottom of my foot and I yelled and said Damn as I stumbled to the rack in front of me grabbed it and held on. Another customer asked me (who’s information I have) asked me whats wrong and I lifted my foot and one of Ashley Stewards sensors with the nail in it went through and was stuck in the sneaker I was wearing. I snatched it out and the cashier said let me see it and took it and threw it in the bend with the other sensors. The witness said sit down and check your foot. To make this short and to the point. Your staff was unprofessional, never asked me anything nor did they offer me a chair or any assistance they kept on doing what they were doing. Once my two siblings and I finished purchasing our items I asked the manager can I have your name? She said Why? I said I was very dissatisfied with their professionalism as an employee of Ashley Stewart when I just had a nail go through my sneaker and neither one of you offered a mumbling word as if I was nothing or no one. At this point the manager grabbed the phone and went in the back of the store. When she returned she stated – Can I have your ID? I said why? She stated my cooperate office said for me to take your information and get a picture of your foot. I said oh so now you want to cover your a**. The witness walked over to me and said here is my information if you need me call me I was there and saw everything even how they ignored you. So I handed the manager my ID and allowed her to take the picture of my foot and she still said nothing else to me. After ten minutes went by my sister went to her and said how long is my sister to sit there while you key in your information and say nothing to her before you at least open your damn mouth. Some sympathy or courtesy from you as a manager would be nice. She continued to do what she was doing and once she was finished she came back to me handed me my ID and began to walk away. At this time I was mad as hell I said again may I have your name? She said it is IVY I said and what is the cashiers name that took the sensor? She said NICOLE The manager walked away and as my pressure began to rise I hopped out of the store and my sisters followed. As a customer I felt disrespected. Weather it was a puncture wound or not I still had to call my doctor to see if a Tetanus shot was needed and your employees showed no courtesy or concern or professionalism. This issue has me totally upset. I would greatly appreciate the assistance of the Cooperate and/or HR office to address this matter. I will be waiting for someone from your Cooperate/HR office to contact me and address this issue within the next five days so that there is no need for further actions to be taken. Thanking you in advance for your help. Awaiting your response. FYI I spent all day 06/10/19 on the phone trying to reach someone and was told by the first Ashley Steward employee at the number [protected] Ms. Rose she would send in my complaint and someone would be contacting me. The second time I called a Ms. Lorrraine stated I needed to send my own email and that is what I did above.

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