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Published: 06 October 2018

Posted by: AnishaK

Asian wedding & party services are the most horrendous, disgusting & in humane organisation I have ever come across. We received warnings from several people but still went ahead thinking he sounds like he would do a good job. We signed a contract for a very simple wedding to be executed however we received nothing in return. We were told 2 days before we had to pay for place cards despite no charge being mentioned when it was agreed a month ago. Mr Armaan Mohammed, the “wedding planner” did not turn up to the event he was supposed to run nor did he tell us. We had to call him to find out where he was. He told us he was in Liverpool but did not say why. Apparently a substitute was sent although no one introduced themselves. Half of the stage was missing, the food was cold, some guests were told there was no food even though we received 4 large containers to take home, understaffed, staff had coloured pink/blue hair, face piercings etc. p.a system was “forgotten” so no music for half of the wedding. Asian wedding & party service employee skipped track halfway through brides entrance song then stopped music altogether. WORST part-they agreed remaining balance could be paid after wedding however, while the guests were waiting for food, they told us they would not serve the food until remaining balance was paid in cash – !!! Who the F does that?! We had no choice, had to pay cash. I would not hire this disgusting excuse of a company should someone pay me millions. To my dismay I found out after that he has done the above to many clients at wedding functions he has been hired to organise. This review will be deleted by the company but I will keep putting it on. Mr Armaan Mohammed is not a wedding planner, he is a con artist. He has metal shutters on his premises due to the amount of people who want his head on a platter. Cannot wait to see the company crash and burn. Just a matter of time. Saffron or Milaan events would absolutely be the wiser choice.

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