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Published: 09 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Wouldn’t go here again even if it was free. I had a few fillings done by Dr. Candace Lauderdale and had a very small chip that needed to be fixed in between my front teeth. Instead of filling it in or telling me what she would do, she proceeded in shaving my tooth. She does not communicate while performing her work, like many dentists I have been to. Instead, she laughed and joked with her assistant and didn’t make me feel comfortable in telling me what tooth she will be working on and what she will be doing. She later found a “little cavity” in my front tooth and filled it. This was not listed in my treatment plan and I am shocked a dentist would proceed in doing this without speaking to the patient first. She ended up | shaving one tooth and then filling it in and one tooth was shorter than the other (looked very noticeable in pictures.) My enamel on my 8 was gone after she found this “small filling that needed to be done.” 2 months later it still bothered me so I came back and complained my tooth is shorter than the other. I came back and another Dr. (Who’s bedside manner was much better) filled the tooth and tried to make it less noticeable. 3 weeks later my tooth chips while eating chicken (not hard candy, soft chicken!!!!!) I call the same day and request an appointment. I come in and sit in chair for an hour (I have a 11 month old and had to get a sitter to make it to this appointment.) After sitting in the chair and speaking to | dentist about how no matter how many fillings I get it will chip, I get told they can’t do anything and will refund me the price of the filling ($200????) then proceed in telling me they will refund $1,300 (in which they did) after I explain the teeth will now need crowns. They refused to fix my tooth (at least until I find a dentist or can afford a crown, because “dentist isn’t comfortable with it.”) Maybe I should’ve been told this before I was sat in the chair for an hour while dentist worked on someone else. After much argumentation and the office manager being rude to me, and feeling completely hopeless that my teeth will ever look good again, they offer me $1,300 and recommend a cosmetic dentist in the area. To | make matters worse, for months since I’ve gotten work done I experienced nerve pain in my jaw in the areas of the teeth I got filled in. Dr. Lauderdale did not take her time on my fillings and everything was very rushed, tomorrow I will be getting X-rays and finding out whether the area was properly cleaned of my cavities. I came to Aspen of Columbus, GA for fillings and a small chip, with no pain at all in my teeth and now months later I’m having sensitivity to hot and cold, nerve pain (they say it’s my sinuses, excuses excuses) and a tooth that keeps chipping from the composite that has been placed after it has been shaved! What a mess this place is. Thanks for my refund, even though I owe twice as much, out | of pocket, to get crowns put on my teeth after the damage this dentist caused. I had healthy teeth before, now at 25 I need crowns. Thanks for the $1,300 refund, no thanks for the pain I now experience, the fillings that weren’t properly done, for making one tooth shorter than the other, me being insecure about my smile for the first time in my life, and for the crowns I now need.

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