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Asset Protectors Fraud

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Published: 11 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had a really bad experience with these people. All that they are interested in is money from the clients and nothing about them. They do not care about providing a brilliant service or providing a worthy service that they’re getting paid for. All they know is how to rip you off your money. It has been almost two and a half years that I’ve been with them and I have been scammed money every month without any help from them. They had forgotten to contact me and they are saying that they protect assets. What kind of business are you running? Is this a scam that you’re running?

I mean, did you seriously forgetting calling me you are not forgetting. To take From my account then. How is it that you forgetting to call me?And when I called them back to inquire that is when we leave we said that we are so sorry. We forgot to call you back as if it was so casual. Not only so when I asked them, why was it that I was not informed of anything. I was not contacted for anything. They said that they have many customers. That’s why they cannot put up with one single customer. Are you serious? If this is the service you’re providing, I don’t think there are too many customers that you have and whoever is there you just ripping off their money their hard-earned money. Since this issue I have canceled my account with them. And they have charged me extra for cancellation as well as for some of the Hidden charges, which I did not know about prior to my signing a contract with them. And now I have to pay extra for getting a pathetic service. I mean somebody should really look into this matter and see if they are at all legit or not.

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