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Published: 02 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Today around 12:00PM this company ARG called my girlfriend’s place of business and was speaking to her employer. While on the phone they attempted to verify her employment, ask for more information, and stated that they were going to come to her job to see her. Her job is taking care of young children, so imagine how unsettling of a feeling that was for her. The company stated that they had a ARG complain and gave her a file number stating to call 1.888.312.9927 by the end of the day to avoid a conviction. My girlfriend called me and told me about the scenerio and she was truly worried and scared, which I’m sure is a tactic that usually works. I then called the number and miraculously the “receptionist” that picked up the phone knew exactly what and whom I was talking about. I asked when her company was and she muttered “Asset Reliance Group” and then said “Let me transfer you upstairs to Mrs. Williams”. Then this phony “Mrs. Williams got on the phone and was extremely rude, she shouted at me that I was not her spouse, that I am just her boyfriend and that she would have to call back or her lawyet because she is being served”. She then told me to “shut-up” and hung up the phone. I then waited a little while and called back to get the name and address of the company. Upon answering the phone this is what was said to me “Are you the one that keeps calling here and harrassing us?” How absurd is that? I stated yes I would like to lodge a formal complaint of harrassment for threatening to visit a place of business with children and will need you business name and address. To this they hung up the phone again. I am beyond irritated by these tactics and feel that many people can be taken advantage of as they use time sensitive replies and employee contact to intimidate people into paying money.

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