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Published: 01 September 2018

Posted by: trish222

I receive call from “MELODY GROSSMAN” which turned out to be “ASSISTING US JOBS” – a company in Phoenix, AZ which offers work at home opportunities (Credit card Process fees/offering businesses lower rates by eliminating the “middle man” i.e. the banks.). I listened and talked to “DAVE HEATH” for about 20 minutes. It all sounded good (no selling, they provide website, all leads, etc.), but his attitude bothered me. He was very “short” and got annoyed when I asked any questions. He was actually like yelling at me. I told him several times that he was coming across “short” and had a bad attitude. I also told him that I was concerned that if a business did call him to switch to his service (which is ultimately what I was supposed to generate), that I would hope that he didn”t talk to them in the same manner he was talking to me! He said he wasn”t in that department! After 20 or so minutes, I was actually considering investing the $319 ($219 + expedited license fee), but he wouldn”t give me a chance to actually “think about it.” I asked if I could call him right back, after I had a chance to think about it, and he said “oh no, they are not going to offer this kind of deal twice and that they are losing money on this deal, blah, blah, blah.” I told him that I was googling his company (before I could commit) and he just started rambling about how any company is going to have some bad reviews, that anyone can post those review, blah, blah, blah. As he was rambling, I was reading the screen and WOW! All I saw was COMPLAINTS about how the company is a total SCAM. After I read several of the complaint (describing the exact same “offer” that I was being offered), I told him I that I was sorry, but I would have to decline. He then called me a “###” and that I wasted his time and I was just a stupid woman who didn”t know anything and that I was losing out, blah blah, blah. I told him that I could not believe that he called me a ### and he started ranting on again and I said … “well, just wait and read what I write on the complaint boards!” and hung up. He then had the audacity to call me back at my home and yelled “Your name is taken off MasterCard/Visa/Discover list and you will never receive another call!” I said good and hung up. Jeesh, did I piss this guy off! He was soooo rude it was almost unbelievable, like a prank or something. I sure hope his affiliates know what he”s pulling with his phone soliciting calls. BEWARE of “ASSISTING US JOBS”, also dba “US JOB ASSISTANCE, LLC”, also dba “US JOB ASSIST, LLC”. The name that appears on caller ID is MELODY GROSSMAN.

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