Associa Real Property Manangement Columbus Ohio- BEWARE

Associa Real Property Manangement Columbus Ohio- BEWARE

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Published: 14 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Anyone looking toi use this company for peoperty management should be aware. I have lived on this property for 5-6 years and they have been horrible in many ways. If your not on their good side and decide to argue a violation they file against you or complain about how they are operating you are now on their bad side and they come after me and not only selectively enforced me but made deragatory comments about me knowing im on disability. Then in our case they setup a mediation between our unit and a unit across the street full of college kids that have made threats,public urination, and just trashing up the community. We recieved a mediation letter and in the letter they certified to both parties it clearly stated all parties ( our and theirs) owners and tennants must be present. If on side does not fully show up and the other does the mediation will take place with the side that fully shows up. Our side showed up with renters and owner and the other side just showed with college renters. When i showed Vicki Smith our property managers boss was there with Lisa Hilfiker our on site manager. The meeting was supposed to start at 7pm and we were delayed. Lisa and Vicki were in their office frantically calling trying to find the owner from the other side begging people they were calling telling them the owner needed to be there. Besides myself two other residents who were there as wittnesses also hear the above calls by property managers. This is pathetic seeing they were doing all they could to get someone in who obviously didnt give a d**n. The sad part is they allowed the mediation to take place with their renters only present. Other renters that were there were told to leave because they were not owners.. This management company has allowed their management staff to make deragotory/slanderous comments against me and this all done because i have called them out on their selective and unfair enforcement and for calling me deragatory name while im sick and on disability. I have talked to numerous residents who live on site and not one i have found has a posative thing to say about this group. If you go to their facebook page.. And look down the right hand side where people rate them nobody has a posative thing to say. Another problem with this company is they put managers on a property and they are here for a long time. So if they have a vendetta against you they keep doing it. They should rotate mamagers onsite every 12 months so the property with poor managers can get new faces. Im presently getting ready to file suit against Associa Real Property Managements office in Columbus Ohio. I went and spoke to numerous neighbors around the property and they all told me they didnt want to get involved for fear of retaliation. I will be subpoenaing many residents. That is a sad situation when a community has a board and management company thet residents fear because when certain people try to stand up for what the property management company and board members are doing wrong they are retaliated against. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ASSOCIAL REAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT…. MORE COMING SOON….

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