Associated Press - Go Daddy - Qwest Century Link

Associated Press - Go Daddy - Qwest Century Link

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Published: 09 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

An individual in Omaha, Nebraska is a victim of Hate Crimes, Tort of his Business and Death Threats. The victim is seeking prosecution by his State Attorney General and the FBI – CI3 Division, inaddition to local police in two states. The “Cyber-Stalker” is named “Darrell Purdue” of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The victim “Jay Ottis” and his investors have lost millions of dolllars in business opportunities due to “Cyber-Stalkers”. The victim and his legal counsel became aware of photgraphs that “Darrel Purdue” High-Jacked ilegally off of the Internet that belong to Associated Press from a photo shoot and news article that AP produced for the victim years back, on behalf of a former Senator and Attorney in Nebraska, to promote the victims business. Numerous formal Notices have been issued to AP, but AP has not taken any action to take the High-jacked AP photos off the Internet site. The site that “Darrell Purdue” opened with the domain name “Jay Ottis” without authorization from Mr. Ottis, to acquire and or use his name. The High-Jascked AP photo is linked to DeathThreats which are both a State and a Federal Crime. Thus, it is alleged that AP, is Liable as an accessory to the criminal Actions of Darrell Purdue. Go-Daddy hosts the “Darrel Purdue site and they too have refused to take any action to shut down the Darrel Purdue, owned and operated site down. Thus, it is alleged that “Go-Daddy is an accessory to the alleged crimes of Darrell Purdue Qwest – Century Link, host Darrel Pudues e-mail account associated with Darrell Purdues alleged crimes, thus Qwest-Century Link, is alleged accessory to the alleged crimes of Darrell Purdue. It seems that AP, Go-Daddy and Qwest – Century Link have ignored the the rights of the victim and to take any action acknowledge and or uphold the laws that are allegedly being violated by “Darrell Purdue”, Thersea Cassiday and associated Cyber-Stalkers” Victims Defens 10-18-13 Cc. Investigation and Prosecution Authorities.

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