Astra Resources

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My money is stuck with this rip off company, Astra Resources! Can anyone help me????

I’ve been ripped off by these fraud share company named Astra resources. I had dealt with them in october last week and at that time I was intimated that I could easily sell out my shares within 60 days. I purchased some shares and at the time when I wanted to sell out at my convenience, it didn’t seem to happen.I have invested $8000 with them and it seems I have lost the money. These are shameless scammers who raise funds from investors and then run away looting the money.
I was skeptical about dealing with them in the start and I wish I would have gone with my instincts.They gave no disclosure papers that could have provided the entire information about the share purchase and sale and by doing so, they also breached the corporations act 2001.
Now that I have been defrauded, I have come to know that many countries who are aware of Astra Resources’ fraudulent activities have stopped dealing with these assholes and now we Americans are being targeted.
My money is stuck now, neither I can get those back nor I can sell the shares. I have been mailing them on [email protected] with no reverts as of now. There was an executive named Addy who used to call me day and night before I had made the investments, I have mailed on his id too which is [email protected] There has been no response from any of the fuckers.
I am sick and sad because of the scam they are running and just wish to get any initial investment back. Beware of Astra resources everyone!

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