Astro Auto's Owner John Neves Lv

Astro Auto's Owner John Neves Lv

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Published: 28 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I and my husband Keith Phillips purchased a car from Astro Autos on 3/07/2008. We payed a total of $1500 down and the contract states to pay every two weeks the total of $175 until the car was paid off. After the down payment the balance was in the amount of $3,495. We have continuted to make the payments as stated in the contract every two weeks on Saturday without missing a payment date. The problem started when hurricane Ike hit and we manditorily evacuated on the 11th day of Septmeber 2008. My next payment was not due until 19th of September 2008. When we returned from evacuating I call the office of Astro Auto’s on Wednesday, September 24, 2008, and spoke with a female employee, Cassandra, I believe, his wife I wrote her name down, his daughter would not give me time to look for it, to ask if the owner was giving extensions resulting from unemployment while being evacuated. She told me yes, that he was giving a 14 day extension, and then also adding three extra days to the 14. I said great, I will be there on Friday, the 3rd of October, 2008 to make my regular payment of $175.00 and that would make the 14 day extension exact to the day. Tonite, his children showed up at my house to take the car, were very ugly, I tried to explain I had made arrangements, his daughters response was “you didn’t talk to me>” I was flabergasted. I told her I was going to my dad’s this moment to get the money and she told me its too late to pay the office is closed. she would not let me out of my driveway. I exited thru my other driveway and a chase insued. she called her father, the owner, in the process. To make a long stroy short, they followed me till I stopped to get a money order, then the owner came to my car using foul language, and telling me to get my f—— a– out of the car or he was calling the sheriff. He also belittled me and told everyone loudly I probably had a warrant. I have never been so belittled and unrespected in my whole life. He became a madman and if he’d had had a gun, he would have used it. I was very frightened and told him I had the money order, he said no way, get your f—ing a-s outta the car. By that time I was so frightened of him, because of his actions of maybe attacking me physically, I released the car to him. I have never in my life dealt with a madman like this before. I think he is dangerous. what I would like is to continue my payments as planned as we always paid on time. I have never in my life experienced such terror coming from a human being. We are law abiding citizens and this day we were treated like criminals or maybe animals. He has been sued by a customer and had a restraining order placed on him. victim #1024 lake charles, LouisianaU.S.A.

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