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Published: 18 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I saw a complaint from Stacey McVaigh and I knew I had to tell my side also. My son was one of the winners in the Palatka Showcase back in May 2013. We didn’t hear anything from Astro Genesis Records – Diana Ray Wells until I sent an email trying to find out some information from them. I was sent a draft Recording Contract to look over in August 2013 with a list of 8 Tour dates starting in September 2013. This is where everything started to show its organization. The first tour date was supposed to be on September 14, 2013. When questioned about it, there was no information. After this, all the shows seemed to be cancelled or postponed. Finally we get a date for a showcase in Atlantic City for December 18, 2013. I needed to come up with $150.00 for myself to cover the cost of the bus and room and was able to stay with my son in a Mansion. My son would go free because he was to be signed to the Label. So when I was ready to send the money via Money Pak, she let me know that the show was postponed. Go figure. The next date was to be on January 25, 2014 and the money needed to be in by January 10, 2014. Well I did my part and sent Diana Ray Wells (which is not a registered name in the State of Florida) a Money Pak in the amount of $150.00. I stood in contact with Diana about the trip, letting her know that I would be taking the Amtrak Train to Tampa, which was the city the Label was listed under. She said ok and that the bus would leave around Midnight on Thursday, January 23, 2014. I asked her to let me know where was the pickup area for the bus, since our train was arriving in Tampa after 4 pm. There was no pick up location sent to me, but I did receive and email telling me to be on a train that leave Miami around 8:30 am and arrived in Palatka, FL around 3:30 pm. The bus will leave at around 4:00 pm HUH? I was a bit confused now. But what the heck, at least the bus will be there, so I thought. The cost of that train was a little more than the one to Tampa, but Diana said she would reimburse us for the difference, so I said ok. Well the cost to Tampa would have been $68.00 for 2 passengers, instead I ended up paying $180.00 for 2 passenger just to get to Palatka. But no worries she said she would pay us the difference (which she didn’t). The night before we left I sent an email asking Diana if the Bus and the Mansion had Wi-Fi. Her reply was, the Mansion does, but she wasn’t sure about the bus. So my son and I leave to head up to Palatka and get there at exactly 3:45. Well guess what folks….NO BUS. It was freezing in Palatka and we were there calling Diana over and over again until after 10 minutes of trying she picked up. She said someone will be by to pick us up. Wait a minute, did she just say someone. Where is the bus? After going back and forth, she finally said there was no bus that we would be driving to New Jersey because everyone backed out. Seriously? In a car. If I knew that I would have stood on the train, more comfortable and more leg room. Also, why wasn’t I informed the night before. Well after an hour of waiting, I asked a police officer if there was a place we could go and eat, because for those who have never been to Palatka, this place is a ghost town. He directed us to Wendy’s which was 8 blocks from the Amtrak Station. So we headed to Wendy’s to get warmed up. It is now after 6:00 pm and we are still at Wendy’s when we finally get a call saying they were at the Amtrak station. Why, when I told her we were headed to Wendy’s. Anyway, here comes a car and a Mini Van packed to the max. Another artist that is signed to the Label pops out of the van and takes our bags. Confused again, I asked where we are going. We ended up at Moseley Elementary School where Diana’s husband works, or so I thought. It is 7pm and she leaves to go to Walmart and asked us if we needed anything. She was waiting for another artist to arrive and she was on her way. Ok. She leaves us in this staff lounge area until midnight waiting with this family that grossed us out. We became uneasy and impatient. Finally the artist arrived and they all came to the school. Diana gave us some excuse which later on we found out was a lie. I didn’t care, I just wanted to head out. Since it was late she decided to put us up in a hotel for the night and we were to head out in the morning. Welllllllllll. She put 6 people in ONE ROOM. The family that stood with us was just plain disgusting. I have never felt so grossed out. It’s now 2 am when we check in and we couldn’t sleep because of all the snoring and coughing the mother of the other artist. (Chain Smoker). At 6 am my son called Diana to find out what were the plans. She told us she is getting the car and we should be headed out. Well it is now 8 am and I called asking her to let me know what is going on because if we are not going, I needed to catch the last train back to Boca Raton which left a little after 10 am. She told me she was getting us flights so we can make it on time. I asked her if she was sure. Yes. So here we go again putting our trust on her. We checked out from the hotel at 11 am and Diana, made the decision that she would fly my son, myself and a female artist, but couldn’t take one of the artist because he did not have an ID. So again we were taken to the school. At this point, the family of artist to be left behind was outraged, but took it out on the wrong people us. I kept my composure because I didn’t want to get arrested. I am at this school wondering where in the world is this woman at. She needs to come talk to us. Well I find out that her place of business was in a trailer home behind the school. HUH? So people, ASTRO GENESIS RECORDS IS LOCATED OUT OF MOBILE HOME THAT IS LOCATED RIGHT BEHIND A SCHOOL. No business address what’s so ever. After the disgusting outraged family leaves, Diana comes to see us and tells us we were not going. She then stated that there one of her artist was there and there was a line out the door. Well, from reading the complaint Stacey made, there must have been a line of snowmen. She said they were going to video tape it and send it. (NOT) I couldn’t believe it. I missed my train and now I have to stay in this town that doesn’t even look like Florida. I told her she needed to put us up in a room and she said to head back to the hotel and she would make the reservation. Well we did, the time is after 2 pm now. I called Diana after an hour of waiting in the Lobby and this child of God said she was on her computer working on the reservation. After 20 minutes I called again and the same old story. Finally after waiting 3 hours, she decides not to pick up the phone after calling her over 30 times. He husband called me and tried to put me in another hotel because it was cheaper. Now how in the world was I supposed to get there when I didn’t know my way around? I was told to take a cab. Oh hell no. THIS WOMAN WAS ABOUT LEAVE ME AND MY SON OUT IN THE COLD WITH NO CONCERN FOR OUR HEALTH. MY SON HAS ASTHMA AND WE HAD NO WHERE TO GO. I didn’t have enough money on my credit card and the hotel didn’t except cash. I was dead tired. By the grace of GOD, the hotel employee took care of us and I was able to pay for a night there. They even took us to the Amtrak Station the next morning. NOW THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL A CHILD OF GOD. I was never so happy to leave a place in my life. Well back to my $150.00 Money Pak. I was promised a refund within 7 days. Well Ladies and Gentleman, it is almost a month later and I still have not received a refund/email/call. So I will be posting my complaint on every website I could find to make sure ASTRO GENESIS RECORDS AR DIANA WHATEVER HER NAME IS, NEVER SCAMS ANOTHER ARTIST AGAIN. .

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