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Needs to be shut down permanently!

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have a nine year-old daughter and I decided to put her in a Martial Arts Training Facility which I thought would help her to improve her focus and deal with frustration. So after hours of searching for proper training facilities, I decided to go for Mobile ATA Martial Arts. I regret the decision till this day.
I decided to enroll my kid for the Tigers Program which seemed suitable for a kid of her age. I took this decision of putting her in a good training facility because I know that in today’s world, where a woman is not safe even at her own residence, it is a necessity for my daughter and my sincere duty as a mother to make her learn to be agile and attentive at all times which can be only achieved by training.
After my daughter came back home after her first day at her new training facility, I could not help but notice that she was not her usual self and also the fact she was not wearing her spectacles. On asking her a few questions, I came to know that a group of children had bullied her because of the fact that she was wearing spectacles. She told me that they broke her spectacles and called her “Small battery” for wearing such thick glasses. I could not hold back my anger anymore and I called the facility in a fit of rage and demanded to know about the atrocity that took place under supervision. They told me to come the next day to ‘discuss things out’.
When I went to the facility, they made me sit down and told me that it would not happen again and begged me not to tell anyone about this. Over the next few weeks, I noticed a change in the behavior of my daughter. She did not eat properly, slept less and was awfully quiet. One day when she came back from the facility, I noticed a large red spot on her knee. She was not even being able to walk properly. She told me that her master hit her because she thought my daughter was not a ‘fast learner’. I went to the facility the same day and showed the authority of the Facility the picture of my little girl’s swollen feet. They were speechless. When I asked them to make the master meet me, they denied and in spite of all this, they had the audacity to demand me to not make this ‘an issue’. I immediately told them to withdraw my daughter’s name from the facility’s register and stormed out of there. I could not sleep for weeks because of what happened to my daughter.
This place should be shut off immediately and permanently for good. I will always regret my decision of sending my daughter to that monstrous place where there isn’t even a shred of humanity in any one person.

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