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Published: 27 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Diahann’s stolen 2001 Yukon from Ataya’s Motors Fulton Ave Manny and Sam thought I was a hooker?? I am an upstanding citizen in the community and I don’t have a SUGARDADDY you morons………. Is that why you stole my 22’s Rims, Laptop, personal records out of my truck!! Ataya’s is band of theives!!! I have to let people know I paid my truck off first after (repo) thats why this is so ridiculous, the nerve of Ataya’s Motors!!!! Then they came back and stole my truck. I also need to tell you I am not a d**n racist. I stated this made me lose trust in Palestenian / Lebonese people in sales, this tore my heart apart, yeah they gave me trust issues and I am upset at Manny and Sam because I trusted them for years!! This was my second truck purchase from them for over 3yrs I trusted them and they betrayed me by stealing a truck that was paid off. Their rebuttal stated that my “Sugar Daddy” came in and paid it off in cash!! Firstly that gentleman is my uncle and he is the one that came to the dealership at 5:oo am and asked for Sam. Sam was surprised/scared and went out of his way to “locate” my truck. Sam also called us before the CHP could. How is that possible?? because Sam the manager commissioned it’s theft. I just removed their “lien” as of 6/09. I had to request 5 times for it’s removal, Sam lied about EVERTHING. Ataya’s Motors are Car Jacking Con Artist. This was so wrong and justice was never served, shame on you Sam. Manny you got your rims back after all huh?, you guys are sick!!!!! Davis Police Dept Report Number: 07-6304 (530) 747-7102 Also my children’s records were in that truck (not wise) along with my computer because we were just moving into our new home located directly across the street from the Davis Police Dept. I have no reason to lie on Ataya’s. Ataya’s is malicious and in retaliation they have shown my pertinent and vital information in my file to attempt to make me sound crazy!! this is a direct breach of confidentiality on their part. So basically if you tell on them about their mistreatment they will donate your contract/file information to anyone that comes in or has seen this Ripoff Scams. I have contacted the BBB yet they are on their payroll. Also see other similar complaints. Oh yes… “Jennifer” the HAPPY CUSTOMER works for them (nice try Sam). I am just a woman that wanted to buy a nice truck. I gave them my 99 Chevy Suburban and 5,000.00 dwn I paid over 18,000.00 within 4 mos and they were so greedy Ataya’s stole my truck then tried to make me the bad person! Allah sees all!!!!!!!!!! Officer Bellamy of Davis PD assisted me in filling stolen car reports 2 times. Based on the fact that Yes it was repo’d at first then once it was PAID OFF, IT WAS STOLEN BY ATAYAS MOTORS. This is a legitamate complaint. this happened to someone else to…..Buyers Beware!!!!!!!!!

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