Athena Gobert City of Austin

Athena Gobert City of Austin

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Published: 06 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Athena Gobert aka Athena Anderson aka Athena Dinise Gobert Afro-fascist, ARRA Stimulus Fraud, Unlawful Incriminator, Constitutional Stupidist, Dianna Martinez-Robles 700 Canyon Bend Drive, Pflugerville, TX 78660-7479 Athena Gobert is one really despicable Afro-fascist City of Austin employee. Athena Gobert’s one of the more dumber employees educated by the Austin Idiotic School District. Athena Gobert’s the daughter of City of Austin Police Officer Ned Henry Anderson and his wife Carolyn Joyce Wilkins. Athena Gobert’s been employed with the city since June 1998 that Athena Gobert’s the expert in many things u2018 like not doing her job ethically. When one the the city employees raised ethics issues, Athena Gobert acted like an ostrich. She buried her head in the sand and left it there. Athena Gobert used the death of her own father Ned Henry Anderson to mess up terminations of truly innocent employees because Athena Gobert needed a reference for her next major screw-up. That’s right, folks. She allowed city employees like Human Resources Director Dianna Martinez-Robles aka Dianna Robles to falsify employee files and even wrongfully keep them from collecting unemployment for almost half a year! To make matters worse, Athena Gobert allows employees to be fired and jailed for reporting ARRA Stimulus Fraud. The real reason Athena Gobert does this is because Athena Gobert has an alleged deep-seated hatred of white people. That’s why Athena Gobert denies white people Constittional Protections such as the cross-examinations of witnesses and evidence. Athena Gobert caused the ultimate atrocities by refusing to use this person’s money-saving ideas to bu those homes on the Onion Creek floodplain. This drainage area happens to cover ABIA. Great going, Athena Gobert! Athena Gobert’s the Stupid-visor of Human Resources. Athena Gobert’s so stupid Athena Gobert has demonstrated Athena Gobert has a deep seated hatred of white people. After all, when one of these white people brought evidence of ARRA Stimulus Fraud, Athena Gobert did absolutely nothing about it. That’s because Athena Gobert was too busy trying to protect her unethical black co-worker dirty downtown dimwit Debbie Dibble. Even worse yet, Athena Gobert was abusing her position to benefit her husband Felician Gobert of Leif Johnson Ford. Leif Johnson Ford is the supplier of APD police cruisers. Athena Gobert is widely associated with a city that participates in unlawful incarceration of protesting citizens, unlawful incarceration of their employees for requesting past pay stubs for their life-saving medications, unlawful interference of unemployment claims, retaliation against employees for reporting violations of the Texas Engineers Practices Act and other laws, shooting the dogs of innocent pet owners, blacklisting of their former employees, unlawful theft of personal property, ARRA stimulus fraud, economic waste of taxpayer money on municipal projects, violating the Texas Open Records Act at will, and even stealing artwork from 3 year old little Hispanic girls! Remember, thanks to the efforts of Athena Gobert, the City of Austin didn’t invent blacklisting and fraud, waste & abuse, they just perpetrate it. Recently, the City of Austin was caught hiring child predator children of former assistant city managers like Juan Garza. They allow employees to write rules that will benefit them much later so that they will benefit themselves in the private sector like former Assistant City Manager Rudy Garza. With employees like that, it’s no wonder people believe the City of Austin is the best managed unethical city in America. Check out the new commercial for the City of Austin. It’s great! What do you think? u201cAt the City of Austin, Athena Gobert’s ready. u201cAthena’s ready to screw you well in advance. u201cHer most important job is to keep you and your family unsafe. That’s what she does day by day. She’s constantly thinking up ways to rip off their taxpayers with the schemes she is developing. Harassment of co-workers for reporting life safety issues for no reason can happen quickly. And in any season, that’s what she focuses on most! u201cAthena Gobert of the City of Austin in the great state of Texas. u201cShe’s ready. u201cShe’s ready. She’s ready to screw you. u201cThat’s municipal stupidity you can count on!u201d

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