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Published: 13 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Got scammed into sending $3500 for a real estate apprisal and processing fee, to try and find me a lending company to fund my real estate deal. Well it never got financed, got the lame excuse that they did not like the payment history for 3 years. They had all this info before I sent them their fee to look at the file and order a real estate apprisal. They said they would refund my money, thats 3 months now. They keep saying its in the mail. I even told them to wire me back the money and I would pay for the wire, but they keep saying they can only mail out a check, thats the delay excuse, and you must have recieved it. Under contract Law, you can not change the methond of payment or refund unless agreed by both parties. Also, processing is working on it, processing is himself. He hopes you will give up on getting your money back, but their are services out their thay will help. Even had promises from his associate Jamie Liebenguth of Just Stated Loans who told me to send the money to Anthony, as he has done other deals, that I would get funded. So I sent the funds in via wire. After one month of me sending detailed reprts, theiri is no lending process. I even tried to settle a discounted invoice to which he charged me $600 for a background check, which never happend or I woild have seen it on my credit reports, and over $1000 to look at 30 emails. This is where he makes his money, looking at emails, then saying it can not be funded. And keeps your money. No real lending firm should charge upfront fees, it they are real lending firms they know they will get their fees in the closing. All I get are threats from Anthony that I should not persure this anymore to get my monies back or he will take me to Court. Just not sure of his defense to the judge “I took his money and I am keeping it ” Most fraudsters never go to Court, casue they know they have no case. Best thing to do is report it to all the local law enforcement agencies, and if enough people complain they should do something. This was a real good real estate deal, I went to anther real broker and I got 4 lenders all giving me their best terms. Stay away from Anthony Tomasi of AJTM Financial and Jamie Liebenguth of Just Stated Lpoans out of California. You will not get your loan done. They will just threaten you and keep your money. I have filed with FBI (inter-state, and wire fraud) and the Attorney General. Get 3 or more people and he can be charged under the RICO act, and you get 3x you money back. Its a small amount, but when he does this 10x a year, it adds up. Also the IRS can get involved, and in Court they can sieze his assest, and you can get restitution. If you commit fraud using a company, you can go after the company owner. Still no maney back, after 3 months “its in the mail ” or “its at processing ” works for so long. As you see from other Rip Off reports, its the same scam, just different people.

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